Monday, September 10, 2012

Its Me...

I'm still around barely... I spent most of last week at my aunties house which is why I haven't posted all that many blog posts or commented much on your blogs. Also though it doesn't feel like I ever had holidays as I am still truly shattered and work is super hectic but I'm still in the easy two week period. From next week I'll find out truly what the work of my new role will be like....
One thing for sure though is that I have had the best weekend with the most amazing sunshine which seems to have disappeared today as we're back into rain again.... still I managed to get all my washing done and dried so I don't care....
Here is a little snippet of what I've done....
Received my wonderful #postcards from @goodnightlittlespoon you can buy some too from her etsy shop
I follow Goodnight Little Spoon's blog and watched the transformation of these silhouettes in to postcards that when she listed them in her Etsy shop I just couldn't help buying a set to use. I waited so impatiently to receive them and absolutely love them. I could never create anything like this as I'm hopeless at doing anything to do with people.
Sitting down to write a letter before going to bed #french #france #cookiemonster #bonjour #hello #cookie
I replied to a super cute sesame street letter with a simple letter pad....
#Apple rounds from #holland so delicious
I ate way too many of these Netherlands apple rounds as they were so delicious and almost as thin as a biscuit.
@lddhk as you can see I love them too, they are the first tapes I bought from #angoomart I also have a letter set which I can't bring myself to part with yet #carebears #decotape #snailmail
I showed off my Care Bear Tape collection, I just couldn't help it as I just love the brightness and fun side of them.
And these too #rubberstamps #yarn #thread #string #british
Finally it's cheaper so I can buy myself the things I wanted as I refused to pay full price due to the expensiveness with the Olympics and jubilee #british #stickersI'm just sitting down to craft with today's supplies and just noticed these on the back of the #stickers #borders #england #crafts
I went to the supermarket on Sunday but decided to check out the craft section at The Range first as I haven't been for some weeks and they have quite a few new ranges in from Docrafts that were so tempting to buy. In the end I only bought these because I have been drooling over them since they came out earlier this year but refused to pay the over the top prices for them due to the Olympics and Jubilee celebrations. These were reduced to about half price so I decided to finally buy them. I didn't even notice these stickers had borders on the back until I sat to craft last night and should hopefully have something to list on make my day soon.
After going to the supermarket I went out for a meal with someone from work. It was such a nice day/time but mostly it was nice just to get out and enjoy the sunshine. The day before I also went in to the city and bought myself a pair of shoes from Clarks for work as its not long until the weather gets worse. I always need new shoes as when the weather gets bad I only wear the one pair all day everyday and they don't seem to last long. I'm going to buy a pair of boots too when I get another Clark Voucher...
Now I need to make the most of my husband not being here to craft as late as possible as usually I couldn't as he was in bed about 8pm! As well as making the most of the last bit of lighter evenings as even though as you can see from my photos I'm already struggling with lighting.
How did you spend your weekend?


  1. you are so talented when i comes to crafts a for me i spent Saturday playing with Lego at the Lego store

    1. Thanks Becca, sometimes I don't feel it. That sounds like so much fun, I miss playing with lego sometimes.

  2. Wow, I'm totally jealous of your supplies! ;D They're awesome. And I love Bianca, too.

    Hope you have an awesome week! ;D


    1. I always think the same Miki, that I wish those supplies were mine. Bianca's crafting is so great and completely different to mine which is why its so inspiring.

  3. My weekend seemed to be a lot of running around and cleaning, but now that we're into the week, I don't feel like I actually got much done! I did get a very nice box/book though-you know the fake books that open up and you put things inside-it's one of those, but just cardboard so not heavy or fancy or anything. But it has a beuatiful Egyptian design on it, so I was very happy to have found it :)

    LOVE your Carebear tape collection. They were one of my favourite cartoons when I was little, and I love when I manage to catch an episode of the original cartoon on TV. Last Christmas I got The Carebears Nutcracker for myself and my sister on DVD. There was also a Carebears in Wonderland, but I don't think it's been put into DVD format yet, boo :( We still have the VHS version...somewhere! I hope it will go to DVD though, as I really liked it!

    No new crafty or letter supplies on my end, but I went through some old calendars, and now have new ideas/items for envelope decorating which I'm excited for. Expect it for the next letter! :)


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