Tuesday, September 11, 2012

George Mahood~free country a penniless adventure the length of Britain~

Read: On Kindle
Paid: £1.54
Reason I choose it: It had high ratings so I decided to buy it.
This book is a true story about George and Ben. George decides one day that he wants to travel from Lands End at the southest point of England to John O'Groats the Northest Peak of Scotland..... basically from one end of the United Kingdom to the other (end to end). This is something a lot of people do apparently in a variety of different ways, in George and Bens case they did it penniless. They started off only in their underwear and had people donate things along the way including clothes, food, accomadation and bikes.....they didn't spend a penny of their own and refused to take help from family and friends.
My Opinion
I made the mistake of starting this book about 10pm at night and I had to force myself away at 2am in the morning to go to bed! I then picked up from where I left off the next morning and completed it the same day! It was such an inspiring and fun book to read but of course you want to keep reading to see if they make it and how things will turn out for them.  It was a good book but there were times when it dragged a little and they moaned too much but I probably would too after cycling for so many miles and mostly up hill too... Still as I said its a really inspiring book, I wouldn't mind having an adventure like this.

It does have photos in the book but with reading it on my kindle it was pointless having them as they were too small and not very clear...

My Rating


  1. great review will have to check it out

    Come Say HI

    1. I will be popping by, I've just hardly made it to any blogs lately.

  2. This is a great review, normally I don't read reviews as I like to make my own mind up, but I read the "proper" book and loved these guys for doing it.
    Apparently they came through our small town and had water at the local Hairdressers, but they were wearing underwear!
    Our local Canon helped them out with somewhere to stay for the night, and they were just real nice guys.
    There is another story about a postman who was retiring from his job, and he decided to deliver every letter in his sack personally, and he did it by walking too.

    1. Thats so exciting to think they went through where you live, its a shame though that you didn't get to see them as that would have made it all the more entertaining I'm sure if they were still in their underwear :).

      I'm curious to know about the postman on so will have to see if I can find it on amazon


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