Thursday, July 19, 2012

My turn now...

Yesterday I showed you thing that I would be giving to people and today I decided to share with you some of the things that I have received mostly from children...
A handful of 'Thank You' cards, shop bought and handmade which were just so sweet, I could have cried.
I received 2 bunches of flowers which were exactly the same which is a good thing as I just put them both together to make a bigger bunch. I also received another pot of flowers which I really liked and I can't wait to keep it growing like my Roses one. I really now need to get a house to store all these wonderful plants in.
I received way too much chocolate but I'm not complaining as next year I'll be lucky if I get anything at all. With Ramadan hopefully starting on Saturday they will take forever to get eaten.

I also got a mug which I forgot to photograph and I'm too lazy to get up and do it now.
The background paper is cute don't you think, it looks so oriental and I'll have to think of something to be able to craft with it. I received this book from the teacher I worked with which sounds so interesting but its a little like wreck this journal in that some aspects of it are childish but I don't care as I know I'll have fun practising my drawing skills and relaxing. It would have made a nice cut out and keep idea for each area too. Like looking up different cushions, lamps etc... for your rooms to co-ordinate. Someone asked to see the inside on my Instagram so I took some photos of that too...
@inelegance84 the inside has different rooms
Tomorrow is my last day and I can't wait as I'm truely and utterly exhausted. For the first time in ages I slept all night and was rudely awoken by my alarm clock at 6am for my niece. I really could have kept sleeping.

I'm really not looking forward to September which makes it worse knowing my holidays will soon fly by.

Are you going on holiday this summer or will you be lucky enough to have some time off too?

P.S My cups were a hit!


  1. poor you, I know the exhaustion :/ Enjoy your holidays!!!
    I think the book looks really exciting. I ordered Wreck this journal for myself and can not wait to see what it is like. Maybe it will help me cope with stress.

    Hope you're well!

    1. I am shattered, it will take me a while to shake it off due to fasting and waking up at around 2-3am but at least I'll get to sleep in instead of then getting up for work.

      I think wreck this journal will be good as you can think about all those annoying people when making holes and throwing the journal around.

  2. i want to take a small trip but bank account says no way so maybe next year

    1. I'd love to go somewhere, I think about it every year but then never do it. This time its because of fasting

  3. I really envy you that you have your holiday the whole of Ramadhan. Lucky you :) Anyway, Happy fasting to you and your family.

    1. I got lucky this and last year by having Ramadan in the holidays as I prefer it since sleep is the thing I suffer more with then actual hunger so I can catch up this way. The next 2-3 years it will get harder as the days will get even longer (2am-10.30pm) and I will need to work too.

  4. I love your doodling books! I received four that I ordered this morning and I am really pleased with them.
    I really need to do a post with all of the goodies I treat myself to!

    Happy Ramadan...don't eat all of the chocolates, and get some rest! ;)

    1. Being the nosey person that I am I would love to see what you have been buying, its also a good way to come across new things as I may not know they exist.

      Thanks, the chocolates will have to wait since we are fasting almost 17 hours a day at the moment.


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