Friday, July 20, 2012


A couple of weeks ago I went to see a house. We waited ages for the man from the agents to show us around and it turned out he was showing someone  around another house in the next street and he asked us if we wanted to see it. Since it was in our price range we agreed as there was no harm looking... We saw the first house which neither one of us really liked but my husband made an offer anyway which was rejected. The other house was really nice even though it isn't quite set out the way I wanted but I encouraged my husband to make an offer anyway as we both liked it. His first offer was rejected, the 2nd offer has been ignored so he's phoned quite a few times to find out what's going on. In the end they told him that the person dealing with it is on holiday but they have had a higher offer which was rejected so ours won't be accepted either... despite that they want to make sure we can actually buy the house which is annoying, I got them to phone the bank to find out about my mortgage, they wanted proof of my deposit which unfortunately I only have details for 2 accounts, the 3rd is in stocks and shares so not even I know whats going on with that. I ended up going to the bank today to try and see the person dealing with that side of things but he's on holiday! I just feel so angry as I have just been so tired and a little unwell this week, then I'd spent 6 hours straight working (we can arrive at work any time and work 6 hours including lunch time and then go home early)... I'd been on my feet re-arranging furniture etc... so I'm not in the mood for all this as they probably won't even give us the house. I wouldn't be so negative about it but I saw a house in August last year, they told me someone had made an offer but after viewing the house twice we made an offer a week later. The person who was supposedly buying it still hadn't got things moving but the vendor decided that they should continue to have the chance to get the house. Well this 2nd house we saw is opposite that house and it turns out that this house never sold and ended up being taken off the market. The person who was selling it decided to fix it up and put it back on for resale for £10.000 more and it had a sold sign on... I just think it could have been my house. Of course this other house we have made an offer on is actually better though as it has a bigger garden, drive, garage and kitchen, also it has a new bathroom, kitchen and converted loft.

Anyway I ended up making my way through the Arndale centre to my car and decided on the way to pop in to Claire's. I saw these Jelly baskets and it whipped me right back to my childhood. My sister and I had bags like this, my sister used hers for the library but she had to put her books in a carrier bag first so that they didn't get wet in the rain. I actually thought these were banned from being sold because they would melt like ice-cream if they were anywhere in line with the heat of the fire (even if at the other side of the room). Its so tempting to get one just because but of course I won't.

Did you have one of these bags in the 80s?


  1. No, I'm afraid I didn't have one of those baskets, but my Grandmother used to have a green one...but she always put a carrier bag in hers too!
    {I always thought it was to hide her purse}

    But, how could you use one as a shopper? Wouldn't small things fall out of it? Hummm....

  2. Well your gran maybe did use a carrier bag to hide her purse but also like you said if you have small items they could easily fall out. I think we only used ours for the library or in my case to store notebooks and things in.


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