Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's for you....

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I never usually give people at work any type of gift but this year and last I worked with 2 ladies who have really spoiled me with things. One of them I am currently working with but we will both face big changes in September so will no longer work together but may still see a bit of each other considering the location I'll be in. The other has been offered the chance to work in another school for a year and I'm so happy for her to have this experience. I wanted to get them both a little something and I've really struggled to find the right gift, I went yesterday to the supermarket to buy chocolates in the end but just looking at the selection I felt bored and came away having bought nothing. It wasn't until I was trying to sleep last night that I decided to create a feel good relaxtion package of hot chocolates, chocolate biscuits and a cup.... I thought it would be so easy as both stores near here always have tonnes of novelty mugs/cups but typically because I wanted one they had nothing. It was such a struggle to decide which cup to buy as all were plain coloured, clay looking type or really just your average cup... in the end I forced myself to buy this one which I actually really like but it wasn't quite the type of cup I had in mind.
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When shopping a couple of weeks ago I saw this style of bag in a few different sizes and really liked them but didn't buy any. I then had the thought to buy one of the ladies daughter the bag and fill it with craft kits etc.... I got as far as buying the bag but just haven't had the energy to do anything more with it, I just seem to lack motivation which is probably why that right present never surfaced for anyone as my mind and heart just aren't in it. I had a look through what I had and came up with these things, I will be giving lots of loose notepaper but decided to photograph just this one as it was a present for me.

The little Miffy a friend in The Netherlands sent me and she told me they bring good luck, she sent me one and 3 to pass on. I really need some luck in so many areas of my life so hopefully it will work for me.

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I came across a UK craft supply swap on swapbot over the weekend and decided to take part as I have so many supplies and some I've had for so long that I wanted to pass them on in order to get something fresh and new. Only problem is that I stupidily thought the swap was going to be posted on the 21st which is the first day of my holidays and I thought I could take my time sorting through my things to send. So imagine the shock I got the next day when I got an e-mail to start swapping and the deadline was actually the 21st. So in the end I had to go through my box for make my day to gather some things together. I just hope the person receiving this will like it. (the paper selection are actually a pile of one sheet each from the paper pads I own so all of these together will make one pad).

I have so far received some chocolate from the children at work myself and may get some more tomorrow. Then with it being my birthday next week I have a huge box full of presents to open which I have been adding to as letters and packages are flowing in. It's all so thoughtful.

Have you been celebrating anything lately?


  1. no celebrating but seriously girl you make the coolest things

    1. I'm glad you think everything looks great, I know so far that the cups will be loved, tomorrow I'll probably hear about the bag and I'll be posting the envelope soon. I love making packages up as I don't do it often enough.


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