Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Its good to be Curled up....

This postcard is sitting in a book in the supermarket waiting to be picked up, I really can't believe that no one has taken the envelope yet but I guess it will be taken over time, I can't wait to see it disappear.

When I find chances to to read.....
  1. Curled up in bed late into the night or late in to the afternoon depending on what I'm reading.
  2. In our front room late in the evening as its the only room that stays warm enough and no one ventures into.
  3. At work during my lunch time as usually the staffroom is empty since majority of the staff are now expected to cover lunch time. I will be doing this next year also.
  4. At appointments
  5. Surrounded by my family when I'm reading something good.
Where do you tend to read?


  1. at the moment I am on my favorite red couch, a blanket over me, because I am slightly freezing and I soon continue with my book. I also love to read in the bed, everywhere where it is comfortable. I hate to sit up straight when reading :)

    1. I'm the same, I read where its comfortable and usually I slouch.


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