Friday, July 6, 2012

Its a Beachy Peachy day....

Yesterday I spent a glorious day at Scarborough beach, it was so nice to sit back and relax whilst the children played, they kept coming and telling me that this was the best day ever.
UntitledA day at the beach
I had to get my feet into the sand right, I also went to the water edge for a paddle which was quite a walk down as the tide had gone quite far out.
View to my rightView to my rightStraight in front
The first photo is the view to my left, the second the view to my right and the big photo is what was in front of me. I was so disappointed in the sea view. In the past when I have been the tide is just far enough out for us to have space on the beach to sit, play and eat so it looked amazing. This time as I mentioned the tide was so far back that we had the most hideous view of rocks. At first I thought it was seaweed and soon realised it was rocks, its a good job I'm not a swimmer or I would have dived in at that point. In the last photo you can see the steam rising on the sand as it dries out in the sun, it looked amazing and I actually wish that it was like a fog as it would have looked much more brilliant then that rocky view. Our breaths were steamy too.
#beachhuts #beach #rainbow #bright #skyline#beachhuts #bright #beach #skyline
These were behind us, aren't they just the prettiest beach huts. I haven't seen many but I love the assorted bright colours of these ones.
Going home, it was such a great dayUntitled
Its time to go home and the tide is slowly coming in, it was a good day and the weather was amazing considering it rained most of the day in Bradford.

Today I went on another trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The teacher organising it wanted to cancel due to the amount of rain as we would have spent the day outside, we would have tried going another day. The headteacher suggested we go and see what the weather was like there and it was even worse considering they had flooding but the workers of the park insisted we stay and spend the day in one room. I've never been so bored in all my life. We saw some sculptures by Joan Miro and the children did some drawings. I wish we had gone on another day as I have never been before and it looked so interesting.

I took my kindle with me on both these days and managed to complete a book which was worth it at least.

What is the weather like for you?


  1. What wonder photos I love the beach huts wish they had something like those at beaches here.

  2. I bet you've got other wonderful things at your beaches especially since you have better climate then us in your summer. Here the weather is so unpredictable all the time and the seafronts aren't usually all that pretty. I guess its why they have the beach huts to make up for it.


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