Thursday, July 5, 2012

Some more about me....

I was tagged again for the
and since I've already done this I decided to just answer the question.

Tagged by Sabrina

1. What inspired you to blog the way you do?
As you know I've had a few blogs in my time and as time goes on they change depending on my mood and what's going on. Those that needed a space of their own have ended up with a blog of their own like make my day and now bursts of bubbles.
2. What is your favorite post you published?
I don't really have a favourite post but I do like it that I am able to use my own photos more now instead of searching around on the internet for something that fits in with what I want. It's maybe not a good thing for people reading my blog as I over load my posts with photos but I can't help it.
3. What do you see right now?
The TV, my laptop and some juice.... as well as junk
4. What is your best feature/characteristic?
I'm generous
5. You are offered a super power. Which one do you choose?
I'd love the ability to click my fingers and what ever needs doing it just gets done without fuss. That way I can spend more time on my hobbies. 
6. What's one thing you see every day?
My clock
7. Do you have any regrets?
Many but all I can do is look ahead as I can't turn the clocks back
8. Which is your favorite blog?
There are a couple that I really like and wish those people blogged more often but I don't have an overall favourite one.
9. If you could do one thing without suffering the consequences, what would you do?
Rob a bank
10. What is your favorite TV show?
I don't watch TV for myself anymore. I put it on for my niece in the morning so that I can get myself ready as well as my niece in the morning. I just prefer to read books, craft or write letters instead... when I aren't doing that I'm working, cooking or looking after my niece....oh as well as being on here.
11. What are your favorite kind of clothes?!
I love clothes made from cotton fabric as it is great for summer and winter but is also light weight.

Tagged by Marta

1. What made you think of starting your own blog?
I started years ago on yahoo 360 to post all my photos of the swapping items I was making as well as other bits and pieces. I miss that site as it was so easy to alter backgrounds etc...
2. What does writing mean to you?
This is so vague as it could be writing a book, letters or blog. Since the last one was a blog one I'll go with that. I almost gave up blogging before I started my burst of bubbles blog because I just didn't feel motivated to do it anymore but once I started that I loved it as it was a little bit of everything. I almost gave up again but then I got my iphone and decided to start again one last time. I've no idea now if people enjoy this blog more or the last one or both.  
3. Do your family, friends and colleagues know that you are a blogger?
Most people know that I blog but its just not something that really comes up in conversations. Its only really when we're discussing facebook and I say I don't have one because I've got a different outlet. I haven't shared my actual blog with any of them though as I don't want work and my personal life to mix since I consider none of them my friends but workers. My family know but again I've not asked any of them to come by as I don't post anything that is relevent to them but also I still live with everyone but my sister.
4. Make a list of favourite activities to do when on holiday.
My holidays are pretty much the same as I just want to be on my own doing my own thing, relaxing, shopping, crafting, reading, writing letters....... To some its boring and a waste of time but work is always tiring and home life demanding that I just need that time.
5. List at least five things you cannot go without.
If I don't have them I won't miss them. I just get used to it not happening on a regular basis anymore like receiving letters.
6. if you were to travel somewhere where would you go? and who'd you go with?
I'm just reading an idiot abroad and it made me wish that it was me experiencing all those things but in reality I wouldn't be able to do it because of eating only halal food... this really annoys me sometimes as it stands in the way of so much.
7. Your perfect idea of life.
Being Content, its all I want. I don't care if I don't have all the necessary things in life just as long as I have what I need to survive... it would be even better if I didn't have to work.
8. is your house the one you'd always hoped to be living in?
You know the answer to this..... no! I had hoped to have moved out 5 years ago.
9. any fur friends you'd like to tell me about?
We have a stray cat for about 10 years or so now. If I ever get a house I don't think I will get a pet unless it is a fish or a caged animal like a hamster, gerbil or guinea pig. I just can't do with anything too demanding since the cat drives me insane with always wanting food but then never eating it.
10. Favourite books to read and why?
I love books where you either grow up with the character or the story has some even happening in each chapter. I get really bored when a book has the same event happening over a couple of chapters or it seems like the characters are just sitting around talking. Its one of the reasons I didn't like books like Dorian Gray or Pride and Prejudice
11. if you won 100.000€/$ at the lottery what would you do with it?
Put it towards a house, buy a car and if possible set up a little business to invest the rest in.


  1. great answers and yes you are very generous

    1. I think I'm too generous and can go really over the top sometimes.


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