Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's me all over again!

 from ladyofmuse
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  1. My first ever job was packing junk mail when I was about 17 years old. It wasn't such a great job as it was in a basement of a warehouse, you were stood up all day, it was cold considering the sun was raging outside and you got paid usually per 1,000. As you can imagine I didn't do too great so got peanuts at the end of it but also you didn't want to leave to eat anything in order to try and meet that target.
  2. I've had 8/9 different cars since I got my first car 10 years, I passed my test 12 years ago! They haven't been the greatest cars but at least in most cases they have got me from A to B.
  3. I currently have heat rash on the back of my hands and its itching me like mad, of all the places to get it... I hope its a heat rash anyway considering the lousy weather we've had.
  4. I'm saying lousy weather but I've absolutely loved it. I love fast heavy rain which is what we've got and the other day when it started raining, it smelt great too. Its just a nasty time of year to have such weather when schools are organising trips, sports days and other events. I really hate drizzle rain though, pathetic, limp, blowing in your face and everywhere else type.
  5. I am usually really good at browsing shops without buying things but there do comes times when I can't help it like today.
  6. I wish I had waited until August to start my Project: Inspiration on my bubbles blog because I've thought of new things as the days go on but also I get the feeling the weather will be brilliant then. Still its been a learning curve and if I ever do a project like this again I've learned a few lessons from it.... (there is a chance I will do something similar one day).
  7. I don't feel disappointed anymore when I don't get mail every week. I just think it gives me the chance to do other things instead. The thing that does get under my skin though is that I seem to get all my mail on the same day or 2/3 days together and then nothing.
As usual I won't nominate anyone as I'm finding these awards are spreading like wildfire and most people I know have had them. If you haven't then feel free to take it.


  1. When it comes to mail, it's the same with me, hehe. No mail for three weeks and then I get 5 letters in a couple of days. :) Strange!! :D

    1. I agree it's strange as if it was spread out I wouldn't feel like I'm keeping people waiting but with them all coming at once I feel guilty that I've had some for a little bit of time. When you write long letters it hard to get them out then within a month or so.

  2. I am pleased that you have taken my award, and I sympathise with you on the rain!
    I hate drizzle, when everything feels damp, but I must admit that I love hearing the rain patter down!
    I think we have had enough of it all now though and are ready for some sunshine! ;)

    1. The thing is even with all this rain its still really warm and quite humid but I'd rather have the sunshine as you can at least get things done.

  3. You deserve the award because you are amazing, for many years me and hubby would seem to change our car every couple of years........and went through like 8 different cars in 10


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