Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

I hope that you all had an amazing start to the new year! I sure did... I made 1 postcard, 1 birthday card and wrote a little more of a letter I started on Tuesday. Whilst I was doing that the fireworks started, actually they started at about 8pm but its really quite something when everyone does it at the same time. It sounded like popcorn popping! Bonfire Night just isn't the same as people let fireworks off a month in advance and by that point you're just sick of them, they can last right up until the early hours of the morning.
I don't really usually keep new years resolutions, I just hope for a healthy year and for the last 5 a house (the first 2 years we didn't really look as my husband was in and out of work so we wanted him to have a more concrete job)...  of course this year I have the same hopes but as Yoshi sent me this list I decided to fill it in...
I've written simple things that I will be able to maintain rather then just writing things that can easily be forgotten.
Last year was supposed to be a positive year, I started keeping a happy jar but with the jar being upstairs and me downstairs it soon became difficult to maintain. I'd sit down at weekends trying to think up nice things but I couldn't remember which days they happened etc... that I decided it wasn't going to work. Towards the end of the year I started looking for a diary but I couldn't at all find what I wanted, it went on and on that eventually I found one on eBay that I think is what I am wanting. I now have to be optimistic that it will arrive tomorrow because I don't want to have a big chunk missing at the beginning of the year. Its just unfortunate I didn't come across it earlier and that its coming all the way from Australia...
I've no idea which cover I will receive as its sellers choice but I am quite excited about it. I hope to write all the incoming and outgoing mail, a happy moment, thought or quote each day. I really only wanted a monthly calendar one which is why I couldn't find what I wanted but when I did come across one the sections just looked too small for my writing. This diary also doesn't have the days and months by the looks of things so even if it doesn't come tomorrow its not such a bad thing as I can carry it on into next year, its just that I'd prefer to start it sooner.
Health wise I'm doing a lot better but its just a few niggling bits that I feel I know what is causing them and I need to start on another cleansing diet which I'll do once I go back to work on Monday. Its just easier when I work as I eat much better then. Once that's done I'm hoping to have more energy and with the days now getting lighter to try and fit in a 20 minute walk at least everyday as I've found in 2013 I did a lot of sitting on the couch once I came home from work just staring into space and not even really reading anything which is why I put that I'd like to complete a book a week.
The last one I need to remind myself of, being content with what I have. I want to do more, be happy, healthy etc... and at times it all squashes together in my mind. Then there comes a point where I have to remind myself that their are people/children worse off then me due to wars, illnesses and poverty. My problems are only small ones compared to theirs.
I hope that you all have a wonderful 2014 what every you decide to do.

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  1. I hope 2014 is a wonderful year for you and yours, I have high hopes for mine, but as I said I don't do resolutions can't see the point, but I did have a nap yesterday and plan to today after Kathy picks up the girls. That diary sounds like an great book, hope you get it soon and can start sooner rather than later.


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