Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Somethings festive...

A friend sent me some candle wax tubes to be creative with. I ended up buying some candles for my niece to decorated. With having gold and silver wax, I would have loved a darker colour for her to decorate but white only seemed to be available but also affordable. She really enjoyed decorating the candles but she did get a little upset that they were 'leaking' as we left them to dry. I imagined with the air they would dry fairly quickly but it wasn't the case at all which was a shame. If I'd thought about it earlier I would have encouraged her to decorate one side so that I could lay it on its side and the designs stayed as they were. I wrapped each one up for her to give as a gift to her teachers and neighbours. You can see her little hand in the last photo trying to make a grab for the candle so that she didn't forget it.
Today's incoming, I just love the Elmo paper and the Festive dog! #christmas #christmascard #itsamailday #incomingmail #dog #elmo #sesamestreet #christmashat #snailmail #snailmailobsessed #snailmailrevolution #sendmoremail #mail@elis_1983 I was only expecting a card, thank you! I haven't opened it. Is it a dutch or German card? #present #christmas #christmascard #snailmail #surprise #sendmoremail
I don't exchange gifts with friends anymore as I've just been so unwell to even consider shopping for anyone. I did find it really hard last year and definitely would have this... I can just about make it to work and back. Anyway it was so thoughtful and quite surprising to receive these gifts in the mail which really did make my day. I love the cards and the cute paper.
I took part in a secret Santa at work. I bought my partner some jewellery which I think she liked, it was so hard to photograph due to the lighting issue. In return I got this book, I was a little disappointed at first when I saw it as its a notebook with plain and lined sheets. I love looking at notebooks but never know how to use them. However I actually like the quality etc... of this notebook and if any of you have a suggestion of how I could use it, let me know! I told people at work that I was going to plot about them!
On Friday we were told to come to work this coming Friday in a Christmas jumper. I felt quite annoyed actually as I'd been in the city on Tuesday and saw tonnes of jumpers. I'd actually wished I celebrated Christmas so that I could wear something silly like it but as I don't I just looked. On Saturday I wondered around many stores looking for a jumper but they had all sold out! How annoying as if I'd been told earlier I could have bought one or ordered one online. Eventually I came across this one which sadly is a little small (well I feel like I'm going to explode out of it!) but I got it anyway as its not like I had any other options. Its still cute but I loved the ones with noses, pom poms etc... attached to make it a little 3D.
I'm posting my Christmas Postcards on my Bursts of Bubbles blog for anyone whose interested.


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