Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sunrises and Sunsets

This week I have seen some very pretty sunrises (8am)....

and sunsets(4pm)
I absolutely love the colour of the sky right now but I can't cope with the cold weather this year. I'm just not looking forward to winter.


  1. I'd love to share photos of what it's been lately, but my fingers would freeze trying to take them. In the past week to two weeks, we've had a number of days where it's been colder here than both the North or South Pole (between -40 and -50 with the windchill). Yesterday, the windchill was only at -30 and that felt positively lovely compared to how it's been! I think we're back to really cold later today/tonight, and then a little bit warmer again. Le sigh.

  2. Amazing photos!

    (I really hope your health is better :) )


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