Friday, November 1, 2013

I'm around here somewhere!

Dear Nobody in Particular,
How are you today? I am around, I'm well to a point and missing all of you. I've been working on my intolerance's and have found I can not eat a lot of things despite only doing a quarter of my list only so far. Some things I will never try some I will try as they come a long so it could be a year before I complete it. Now I'm cooking for myself separate and my mum and husband separate which really sucks up a lot of my evening and I'm hardly finding time to blog despite having many book reviews and lollipop sticks still to post. I will however do a better health post another time as I'm still working on things, my biggest obstacles of course are all the doctors at my medical centre... so many stories to tell but nothing amazes me anymore!
I've had holidays this week which is such a relief but also quite sad as its back to work on Monday. I managed to make my way through all my letters, relax a lot and plan my Christmas postcards, I just now need to make them but I've decided this year to just make them for friends rather then everyone on Make My Day this year. The weather up until today has been nice but all other times its been dark and rainy... still we're so lucky that we got nothing like the south did!
I'll probably continue to be here less and less until I can manage my time better or even better buy a house! We have made so many offers on so many properties but only came close to buying one. I just don't get why its not happening but I really need to keep faith as its so easy to lose it especially after 7 years! 
I am however active on Instagram at least so if you are on there look me up, I'm Samash81! I can't wait to meet you :).
Have a good weekend!


  1. Sending much love, and positive energies. Don't give up, and don't apologize for needing to take care of yourself *hug* I hope that as things go, you are able to get more sorted with what you can/can't eat. Amber just went through all of that, but I'll update you in my next letter <3

  2. Thank you Amy, I've written to you so hopefully my letter will arrive soon :). I'm curious about Amber as I wondered about Candida for myself.

  3. Take the time you need for yourself, that's more important than blogging :)


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