Saturday, November 9, 2013

Movember and Flying letters...

A while back I bought some Postal Moleskine Notebooks as a friend asked me if I knew anything about them so I got her one and myself 4 to be creative with.

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The first one I've used is the almond one to create a mail tag for a friend. I  ended up doodling/writing in the notebook but added no colour to it as I don't have any decent felt tips but also I get the feeling that they would have soaked through the page like most notebooks. For this reason I stuck to a black and white theme.

I wanted to be super creative with the cover but due to the size and needing to add stamps and address there just wasn't space. I ended up using scrapbook paper to add some detail.
I didn't take photos of the inside except this one...
1 (22)
My friend sent me a prompt last time to send a newspaper clipping from this country. Unfortunately I don't buy a newspaper so I waited until I went back to work to search through the pile that's always left there. Thankfully the first page I turned to was exactly what I wanted about Movember. I added the newspaper article in to the pocket.
This little mail tag also resulted in me making the 2 rubber stamps too that you see. I love the moustache even though it means drawing in the curls on the end as it was impossible for me to carve them (I need some decent, stiffer rubber I think). As for the envelope its the first time I've create an outline of something so I was proud of the outcome.
Here's what ended up going to my friend but the problem I'm having is finding space for the stamps as I just need too many and they are too big... still I'm not complaining as its amazing to have such a selection of fantastic stamps to choose from...
1 (32)
I hope to have some fun with the rest of these postal notebooks soon as I have 2 left with having sent one to a friend to be creative with.

Have you had the chance to be creative lately?

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