Friday, September 20, 2013

Roses are so delicious...

I've been a little busy this week and one of the things I've done is make this....
1 (18)1 (8)
I know they aren't the best of photos but its the downside to always finishing these on an evening. I wanted to layer the chocolates by colour but it would have meant buying too many tins so I ended up co-ordinating the colours instead in a row.
We have been invited to two weddings this weekend but I won't be attending either as I can't eat any of the food so whats the point.


  1. I like the roses tree very nice and sweet

  2. You're so creative, Bubbles!!

    Just popping in so I could say hello. We've had one heck of a bad year that's why I haven't been on here. I am going to slowly try to get back int he swing of things. I miss reading your blog and just simply wanted to say hello to you ol' friend from across the pond!!! I hope you and your family are all doing well. Any updates on buying a house, yet? I hope so. Talk withyou soon!!!


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