Friday, September 13, 2013

Take it easy....

Yesterday I showed what I received from people on Postcrossing. Today I decided to share what I have sent just so you can see what I've been able to fit around the themes on other peoples profiles. I posted these ones on my first Postcrossing post
It's fun to choose a postcard but even more to read the response of the person receiving them. I really hope I never send one that a person truly dislikes.
Some facts for this one too.
The longest distance I have sent to is Malaysia
It took the longest time for a postcard to reach Malaysia and Russia, it took a whopping 23 days for a piece of card to reach its destination which is really something in my eyes. Its taken less for a letter to arrive.
U.S.A is the quickest destination my postcards have travelled to, taking only 4 days to arrive (since my latest one I sent on Monday and it got there today already!).  I have sent there 3 times and all have been fairly quick.
I've never sent mail to Ukraine, Belarus, Taiwan or China until now.
I've sent an eye watering 15 postcards so far considering I haven't been part of Postcrossing for a month yet! Its why I need to force myself to stop despite having the option to send more right now.
I love being creative with the background of my postcards but sometimes its finding the time to do it. 


  1. I really like how you decorated the background when taking photos. It is the same with these photos. You are creative!

    I have 3 cards travelling for more than 35 days on postcrossing and they are not sent together (so I can tell they all got lost). Users are inactive and that just makes me angry.

    1. Thanks, its fun playing around.

      Goodness that is a long time to be waiting for a postcard to arrive, I've read of peoples taking 65 days but that kind of makes me wonder if they received it but didn't register it. I do hope they turn up as my heart wouldn't be able to cope with it if it was me.


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