Sunday, September 15, 2013

A new start....

Well I mentioned in a previous post about paying to have an intolerance test done. I got the results on Friday but decided to start today so that I could have a final binge day yesterday.
There were not so many surprises as I think deep down I knew but didn't do anything about it earlier because I didn't know where to start or what food to cut out.
Well the verdict roughly is this...
wheat, corn, soya, chick pea, dinkle, hemp, rye flour
basil, blackcurrants, lettuce, Jujube Fruit, green beans, green pepper, tomatoes
lamb, mackerel, sardines, cod,
poppy seed, pecan nuts, sesame seeds, millet, fennel seeds, peanuts,
cows milk, egg whites
oh and the list goes on....
I also had such a long list of non-food items too which are mainly trees.
The idea was that over the next 2 weeks you slowly remove these things from your diet but I've decided to just go cold turkey with it because apart from wheat and milk, the rest I don't eat daily. So for 2 weeks I won't eat any of the food I can't and then after 2 weeks I'll slowly introduce each one back so if it causes me problems I'm not to have it again and if it doesn't I can eat it until my hearts content.
I was so stuck in what to eat when I first saw this list as most I actually eat but there is a small percentage I never tried. I ended up just going to the supermarket to pick up a variety of vegetables to try and coming home to look up recipes and ideas of what I can make with them. Also it was amazing to see how many items contain wheat, soya (chewing gum!) and egg.
My first meal today consisted of
Coconut Milk and Rice Krispies
I was surprised that the milk tastes of anything really, I thought it would have an over powering taste of coconut.
Do you know I often sat in the staffroom and admired all the different types of salads everyone was eating. I only twice tried it myself but ended up with the most outrageous stomach cramps with many visits to the toilet. So the first thing I had to try was a salad minus lettuce and green pepper and I was fine so that is a definite intolerance.
This salad has rocket, spinach, radish, sweet corn, sweet potato, orange pepper, apricot dried fruit, avocado and feta cheese.
I have never tried sweet potato, avocado or feta before. They were interesting but I think me and the avocado will part ways as it was the only thing that spoiled this salad for me. I'll give it a chance though since I have 3 more left... hopefully they will soften a bit more in that time.
Chicken kebabs, sweet potato mash and parsnips.
My husband kept asking me what I'll eat tonight but I just couldn't focus my mind on what I had decided to eat that I couldn't tell him. My mind was still swimming with all the recipes and ingredients. He then took it upon himself to buy some chicken mince but when he came back I realised I had nothing to bind the mince together as usually I use chickpea flour but couldn't. The other alternative was egg but I didn't want to waste a couple of eggs just for the yolk. In the end he told me to just make it like this without binding and see what happens. It actually worked getting the mince to stay on the skewers but the problem I had was that I couldn't tell if its cooked as they are so pale.
I've decided with this new found eating I should try and eat as healthy as possible (with occasional fried food). So I made oven parsnip chips which I'll need to put in much later as they dried out quickly. Two baked sweet potatoes which I mashed in the food processor... However I didn't like the whole combination of this meal, the parsnip had a flowery taste, the potato was too sweet (I felt quite sick by the end) and then the kebabs spicy that it didn't come together at all.
However I'm glad I tried it as its all such a learning experience. As I mentioned I never tried sweet potato before but I had also never tried parsnip before either.
My food photos aren't the greatest, they are something I've never been able to take properly but I hopefully they don't put you off trying them.


  1. Hi Bubbles,
    Sorry to hear that you're intolerance to some food but I guess all of are at some point of our life as we grow older. I hope I'm saying the right thing if not, then please ignore it. By the way, I don't think you food photos are bad. In fact, I'm thinking of getting some salads myself :)

    1. Hi Aida
      Don't worry as its true that people become intolerant to things but I need to get down to the problem of all my stomach problems and this is something I have to consider. Some people are intolerant but only mildly but others are effected badly with all kinds of symptoms that aren't as obvious as a skin rash. Its not just food but non-food items that cause people such problems too. I can't just complain that the doctors aren't doing anything, I need to do it myself and changing my diet for 2 weeks and possibly after it is only a small price to pay for feeling better :).

      I hope you were able to have and enjoy your salad.


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