Monday, September 16, 2013

Love Summer....

Even though we are still in summer I'm convinced it has ended and we've headed straight in to winter as its so cold. We even sit at work in our work coats as we can't warm up but the heating probably won't go on until the end of October (brrr....).

I thought since its still officially summer I should get a move on and post my latest mini letter which took me so long to get around to creating.... It revolves around my summer...  
#miniletter #washitape #postcard #butterflies #circles #paperbag #summer #snailmail #sendmoremail
With the heatwave we had in July we had such a number of mini beasts floating around, butterflies were one of them. I also discovered a new shop where I bought the washi tape that I've used and it was placed in a spotty bag that I recycled by using it on the background.
I really hope that my labels will arrive soon so that I can use them on this  #postcard #summer #weather #rain #thunderlightening #sunshine #raindrops #clouds
As I mentioned we had a heatwave which soon turned into typical british weather of heavy rain storms, a bit like a tropical rainfall. It doesn't sadly seem to have stopped but with time its getting colder and colder... sigh!
Working finally on my mini letter #postcard #summer #citypark #niece #water #ladybirdbag #snailmail #sendmoremail
I had such a great summer holiday that of course as usual I didn't want it to end. My niece and I twice went to City Park where she enjoyed it herself until her hearts content. She asked to go again but I unfortunately had to say no as we went on the last day of my holiday and it was so much cooler then when we first went.
I had so many lovely experiences to remember and some not so nice ones too.
Did you have a great summer?


  1. It summer here yet but we have had some bloody hot days in the last few weeks although today it is cold and wet again today.

  2. I love seeing all of the neat designs that you come up with, so creative.

    It's gone up to +27 today, so it doesn't seem to be fall just yet. Though some nights it goes down to +5 so the morning can be quite chilly. We're getting there!


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