Thursday, July 25, 2013


I finally have summer holidays starting today! Of course I didn't spend it so far in the best way by visiting the doctor as my feet are super duper swollen. I wondered if it was the medication but it didn't help that we have had a serious whopper of a heatwave and then to top it off I had to clear out the area I work in for building work in the summer... which of these was the culprit! I had painful ankles but not swollen ones before but the culprit showed its nasty head yesterday. I was sat down all day and my ankles were throbbing like mad so I had them up on a chair, they were at their worst at the end of the day (absolutely huge!), I hadn't been sat in the sun so the only option was the medication... it also confirmed it in the evening when I had pains all over in my stomach and I was struggling to breath. Now I'm back to square one (major bawling session here!). The doctor says that the reason is that the medication hasn't been working, I might as well stop it and in 2 weeks give another sample and from there they will choose another course of medication.  I'm so upset of course I just wanted to feel much better but it just means that from tomorrow I'll be joining majority of the muslims taking part in Ramadan and it will mean that I only need to make up 16 of the fasts later. It probably won't be December until I can do this though as the medication course is a month and a half, then you need 4 weeks to see if it has worked. Also in mid September I have my blood pressure test so lets see what happens there also....
Now that I've got that bit out of the way and my washing machine is doing its job I might as well show you why I have been quiet the last couple of days...
Wine bottle lucky stars, I'm really stuck now in what to do in between as all the other sets contain one or two of these colours. The one I thought would go is too dark #origamiluckystars #luckystars #stars #pink #purple #blue #winebottle #bottle
I did this blog post a couple of weeks ago about filling up a wine bottle with lucky stars. I had no idea what to do to fill the rest but then I had a light bulb moment (ting!). I decided to visit Staples, buy their lowest quality paper in yellow and cut my own strips. When I went they had multi-coloured packs of coloured paper and fluorescent so I bought both! I then tried cutting my strips on my paper cutter, what a mess it didn't work, in the end I bought an A3 cutting mat and individually cut each strip and filled my bottle.
A new A3 cutting mat to help me cut my own strips for lucky stars, harder then I thought #origamiluckystars #luckystars #stars #cuttingmat #penknife#origamiluckystars #stars #winebottle #yellow #pink #blue #purple #luckystars #origami
There are roughly about 600 stars in that bottle. I did end up swapping the pink with the blue and it looked so much better.

As well as the bottle I'd purchased an international smash journal and washi tape....

I bought a tab style tape to give away with a smash book I bought as a different option for an adhesive. #smash #smashbook #smashtape #washitape #tape #international
I then wrapped it all up to look like this...
I kind of ripped too much paper from the top of the bottle so it revealed the present. I used tissue to make the top look like a flower but who knows if it looks like one. #bottle #winebottle #metoyou #tattyteddy #metoyoubear #brownpaper #rubberstamp #heaI imagined one thing, it came out another but it's the thought that counts #world #travel #packaging #brownpaper #washitape #airmail #smashbook
With the journal I had wanted to use my calligraphy pens but I honestly don't know what's wrong with the set I bought as the ink doesn't flow easily and it stops working. This meant I used a normal pen which to me didn't get the effect I wanted but the lady I gave all this to liked it so at least it was effective.
I did want to share more with this post but it will end up seriously long so I'll save that for tomorrow.

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  1. Paper stars are so pretty, but can be so finicky. I have a dangler in my car with three strands that Emily and I made when she visited from New Zealand. We made a ton of them for Amber's wedding as they were part of the wedding favours. She got specially printed ones with their names, the date, love, etc. Very cute, but SOOOOOOOO many! I really love this idea, I may have to steal it ;)


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