Friday, July 26, 2013

Haribo Anyone?

I had the chance to make another sweet tree for my sister, this time a Haribo packet one...
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I used an oasis ball for this one but even though it is brilliant to stick the packets in due to its softness, it is too soft. Where ever you touch it, it ends up with your finger print or a hole. I tried using tape first but it wouldn't stick. In the end I got white tissue paper and covered the whole ball with it, then I used the washi tape on top of it. When it came to sticking it on the stick it was a nightmare as it wouldn't stay and kept falling off regardless of how much glue I used but at least it eventually survived until that person received it.

I made a slight mistake on the pot as I used tissue and when it came to putting in the plaster of paris in to it, it got a little wet and started to bubble. I redecorated it so it ended up slightly different as you'll see in the next photo. When redecorating it I covered each heart in plastic first.
I hope that you think it turned out nice. I've no idea what the person receiving it thought and neither does my sister as they threw her a surprise party so she was in too much shock. I forgot to mention in the pot there are also some Freddo chocolates.


  1. amazing idea!!! I want one! really like the colours too

    1. I'll have to pop over to Ireland to drop one off to you. I don't plan to make anymore when I've used up all my supplies though.

  2. I think it's great!!

  3. I just finished reading your letter, and you had said about other sweet trees, this must be what you meant! So fun!!! We did something sort of similar, but it was a cupcake one for my mum's birthday. It was good, until the icing started to melt/dribble. Then it kind of turned into a Tim Burton cupcake tree :)


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