Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ramzan Mubarak

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It's the Islamic month of Ramadan at the moment and this year I'm not taking part. I've decided to focus on my health as I've had such a horrendous time of it this year but as I mentioned for 9 years I've been trying to find out why I've been getting stomach/abdominal pain and only a small light has been shone on that and I'm still making my way through the medication. I do hope this is it but I'll have to see as the pain comes and goes. I have decided however that when I've completed this course of medication I will try to make up the fasts  that I have missed. I hope I'm able to do it as it will be hard not having anyone else fasting the same time as me but also that health wise I can cope with it. If not there is next year, I guess.
Anyway if you are taking part in Ramadan this year I hope that you are not finding it too difficult as these long day are hard enough but with the heatwave most countries are facing at the moment making it even tougher. I hope that you stay well!
Ramadan Mubarak!

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  1. I`ll keep my fingers crossed that medication works well on you and that annoying pain will be gone.
    I`m not taking part in Ramadan this year, I just can`t without water on these hot summer days.


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