Monday, May 6, 2013

Crafty munchkins....

Lately my niece has been asking to do some making, I was convinced she wanted to bake and since I couldn't be bothered I kind of made out we had no time. She also went home and said the same thing to have her mum ignore her.... I know we are both mean. In the end I asked her what she meant by 'making' and she explained things like cards etc...

We ended up going to the store and buying a couple of new things to stick as to be honest I'm bored with what she has even though she isn't.
My niece keeps asking to do some 'making!', in the end I had to ask her what that was because I was convinced it was baking. It turned out she wants to make cards but I'm bored of the few supplies I've given her so bought these. The Pom poms are to make aI also bought us a huge bag of buttons, my niece has started to craft with them and I can't wait to. They sell bags with all the same colours in also. #bag #buttons #big #small #rainbow #colourful
She made a cute card for her mum but I didn't photograph the outside this time, only the inside.
The things she does! She wanted lots of kisses and hearts for her mum #niece #hearts #kisses #card #crafting
She wanted to write lots of kisses and hugs so I encouraged her to draw them and she did... its so cute... her mum also got coloured squares... Hey! What ever takes her fancy!

We also had some time to make a necklace using our supplies
We made a Pom Pom and button necklace, my niece really enjoyed it and it was so easy for her to do #pompom #niece #buttons #rainbow #craft #child
She was so proud of it as she stitched everything on herself but others didn't have such encouraging words to say which quite upset her. I'm not surprised though. It now has pride of place in her bedroom.
It was a bank holiday weekend which meant I had today off work too but it doesn't at all feel like I've had 3 days off as time as always has flown. I could do with having more time off of course but that I will have to wait another 2 weeks for. At least we can enjoy the amazing weather which is something.

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  1. awwh that was so cute, I like the necklace a simple idea but looks really cool and colourful!!


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