Saturday, May 4, 2013

Psst... There's somewhere you should be!

Have you heard of the Postal Society? I'm sure you have but if you haven't its the place to be for all snail mailers but best of all its FREE! Yes Free! That isn't the only bonus, you get to meet many other like minded people and can take part in many wonderful swaps but it does mean joining swap bot which is also free which may put you off a little but don't let it as it just means that flakers will get caught much quicker this way.
I'm really quite excited as I really miss my days of being part of yahoo groups, the community, chatting and swaps. I did join a forum like this once before which started off well but things soon went dry and I've no idea if it even exists anymore. This however I can't imagine falling flat as with only being up and running a day it already has 111 members and many more still to join. Also the first swaps are up and running for everyone to join.
So what are you waiting for, rush on over and join away. You can use Facebook and Twitter to join so no extra usernames and passwords to remember. If you do join feel free to add me as a!

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