Saturday, March 9, 2013

Guarding Angel...

You know aliens exist when you see this on a car, it's not the engine
Today was such a busy day, I went all over especially to places trying to sort out things for mother's day tomorrow. At one point I noticed that my fuel was almost reaching the red line, so once went to the petrol station and it was heaving so I decided to go in to the city and come back in the hope it would be emptier which is thankfully was. I pulled up behind a car and as my brain is mush at the moment, as soon I stopped I turned my engine off.  Big mistake! As soon as I turned it off I wondered why on earth I did it so tried to turn my key again and it said no way... my car just wouldn't start. I was stuck in a lane with no where to go. I tried straight away to phone my older brother as my younger one said he needed to go to work to sort a few things out, my older one didn't answer... I tried phoning home and my mum was on the phone.... eek! Last call my younger brother! "Where are you?!" "At home"... Thank God! as that means he was only 5 minutes away rather then at the opposite end of the city... in the mean time everyone has ignored me now sitting in an empty lane with the possibility of filling up my car. One person looks at me through his window to ask if he could drive into the lane... go for! I then went up to him a bit later and asked if he'd push my car which he agreed but he only wanted to push it back which would have meant blocked a lane complete where as I wasn't doing it now, I wanted him to push it forward to an area that they have vacuum cleaners but he wasn't willing to do it and went off to pay for his fuel and drove away. I didn't care, I just sat in my car waiting for my brother when someone pulled up behind me... goodness can this person not see I'm not going anywhere, I got out and went to tell him to go around me. He just took over completely in getting my key off me, checking my car and telling me my battery had died... I kind of guessed this but I wasn't sure if it was my petrol because of it almost being on the red mark but not quite as the light hadn't come on but I've had a car with a faulty petrol meter thing once and it always told me something different so you just filled it with a couple of pounds each time. I told him I was ok as my brother was on his way but he wouldn't have any of it saying he could be 5-10 minutes and I'd be sat there the whole time, he called to a man in the next lane to help push it and he said he'd be over as soon as he filled his car (but had originally ignored me). I got back in the car as I never mentioned it was raining and freezing so I couldn't bare to be outside.... I also never mentioned that the zip on my new coat burst this week and even though I have another winter coat its without a hood and isn't as warm so I've been suffering for it.... anyway at that point my younger brother came, they pushed the car to where I had originally wanted it... the man walked away and I assumed he was going to fill up his car with petrol so got such a shock when he whizzed by me and felt suddenly really bad as I never even said a simple thank you! He had stopped especially to help me! I was and am completely touched by it and in my moments of losing faith which I have done a lot since last year something like this happens to remind me that someone somewhere is looking out for me. My brother soon got my car started and we came home... I am now suffering from the most hideous cold and feel like crap but I am so made up by this gesture today... so a virtual thank you to whoever you were I really appreciated it... the other nice thing about this man was that he spoke so nicely to everyone, referring to people as sisters and brothers... it was kind of  a surreal moment!
I've no idea why that happened to my car, as I mentioned I'd had a busy day going all over and had just driven there from the city... my brother said maybe it was my stereo system but I told him I doubt it as I never had it on. It's a manual one where I have to turn it on, search the channels for what I want to listen to or take the CD out to get it started and put it in... its not one with a memory system to save stations or my place on a CD which is why I forget to listen to music. He then said maybe I'd left a light on but my car buzzes when I get out if I do leave it on or my indicator.... maybe it was nothing or maybe it was something but the car is only acting the same way as its owner.... never feeling well!! Well anyway this person has really made my day, Thanks Again!!  

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