Friday, March 8, 2013

Keep in touch...

Another #lettermo #postcard  for me, matches a little with what I'm wearingMy friend is taking part in the send a snail mail a day month and I received this cut #wizardofoz #postcard#lettermo #postcardlast of the #lettermo #postcards from a friend #snailmail #penpal
I'm posting this now as I had a feeling that my friend was going to post one last postcard and was really suprised when I didn't last week but then I was even more surprised yesterday when the cutey in the last picture turned up.
Its been so much fun receiving all these postcards and I'm so glad my friend sent me so many. Its not a project I think I will ever take part in as I send quite a bit of mail in various other ways but of course I'll never say never as who knows one day I might like the challenge of it :). 
Did you take part in this project or maybe you received something?


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