Monday, March 25, 2013

All Aboard...

I haven't been to look at the craft supplies at the local store for a long time but I really needed some pens to draw with as I used up all the ink in the decent one I had for my doodle a day project which I'm blogging about on my bubbles blog.

I managed to buy some pens and browsed the aisle and came across this range...
I want everything but the only thing I came away with is the washi tape. I wasn't even going to get that as the last one I bought in a different collection is now reduced by half price along with half the other items that I didn't buy and I feel really stupid for buying what I did The reason I did this one though is that I think it might be quite popular so whilst I can get one I might as well. I've left everything else and will go back in a couple of months as I'm sure those will then be half price,
I only really want the rubber stamps set in the map and the washi tape style one, the ribbon paper clips, twine, the alphabet sticker and I absolutely love the journal even though I have no where to travel to. Of course this is just a wish list as I imagine when the time comes I may decide I don't want any of them but right now I just can't help drooling. I love it when collections come out that are just my thing.
Have you seen anything lately that is exactly what you want?


  1. Oh, how cute all the collection is! I love the travelling/post-office/world theme. And I really envy all of you because you can find washi tape in regular stores. I really enjoy using washi tape, but I just can`t find it anywhere. You are lucky :)

    Hope you will buy things you like a lot cheaper than it is now :)

    1. I buy everything online so its definately worth a try in order to get cute stuff. Its only recently that washi tape has made an apperance here but its like one set every couple of months but the designs are really nice and worth buying.

      Hopefully I can get it cheaper :)

  2. This is one of the most amazing crafts sets I've seen in a long time! I love it :) Michaels had something like this but it was Hello Kitty-esque... I like your set better!

    1. This and another set have been my absolute favourites. The cute ones are nice but not quite my thing to blow me away. Its so nice to have this store on my doorstep but also its all british ranges which makes it a little unique for gifts.


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