Friday, March 22, 2013

It's another snow day!

Today I got the day off as it started snowing early this morning and is still snowing now... its really fine, really wet but coming down quickly, its also very windy. From the photos it doesn't look like much snow but with it blowing around certain areas have more then others.

Despite me having the day off, my sister never does. Last time I had a snow day off she decided just not to go as she couldn't even get out of her road so she knew things were bad, she had her pay taken off her for that day but those that did go in had a horrible time to get there only to be sent back home so she was relieved she didn't go. With my sister going to work, my niece was dropped off as usual so that's a 6am start for me! Her school also never closes so I decided to take her as its not like I had to drive and I can easily collect her if they decide to close. I took some photos along the way....
The world outside is white again! #snow #buildings
I have so many more of course but I'll stop here. The last photo my niece saw and pointed out to me saying that they were cat footprints and if I followed them I would find out cat, I thought that so sweet even though its been 2 weeks now and we know he's not coming back.
I hope that you are having better weather then here.


  1. to cold but the snow is so pretty

    1. It is freezing and still snowing but as you said its pretty.

  2. Well, our snow record was 6 1/2 feet for one year, we've definitely surpassed it with the even more snow we got this past weekend. Oh yay?!?! Ha ha, not so much. I need to take photos to share with you guys, it's pretty nutters.

    That was very hopefuly of your neice, but the kittie. Don't ever want to give up hope, but...

    We have funny little tracks in our yard as a group of partridges (I think?) come to eat birdseed. They used to just pick up all the birdseed that the little birds scatter all over, but now the snow has built up enough that they can walk right up to the feeder tray, it's a little ridiculous!

    I got your letter over the weekend. I have one reply that I am working on and will be finished tonight, and then have one other, and then yours is next! :D

  3. I know I'm acting like it snows no where else but its just been such a weird year as all it has done is snow this year, I haven't known anything like it since my childhood. This snow still exists so its murderous outside to walk and we're forecasted to have more. Thankfully there are only 3 more days left until I have holidays.

    I look forward to your letter whenever you get the chance to write it :)

    1. Oh no, for people who don't get snow regularly like we do, I'd say you guys have gotten quite a lot and it is difficult having to deal with it. No judgement on my end with the snow. But, I must say, it looks WAY prettier in your pictures than anything I can show you at this point. The only thing that might compare is when we get a really good hoar frost. We got snow again this morning...I'm not sure if spring is ever going to come! :(

    2. I think its because it was still fresh at 7.30am and made a fun photo. I must admit though with having had so much snow this time it looks amazing and I like it. Its not as slippy as usually when I go to drop my niece off it snows a tiny bit in order to make it easir to walk. Its forecasted apparently to snow for another month.


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