Tuesday, March 26, 2013

All Taped Up!

I received a voucher from Angoo-Mart in the new year and had to spend it by a certain time so I decided to take advantage of it now. I made the most amazing purchase as always and I couldn't help drooling over everything. The only downside was that as I was photographing everything the sun set and my photos ended up not being the greatest.

Here's what I bought...
Washi Tape
I just love sunny yellows, pinks and purples as well as greens and I can't wait to use all these super cute washi tape. I'm still in awe of the cute designs and colours.
3 Set Tapes
I really wanted some alphabet tapes so bought 2 of these. I have many letter sets that contain stars and lace but I don't have all that many tapes with either on. The last one was just something I liked and I'm sure I'll find just the right set to use it on.

Deco Tape
These ones I had actually forgotten what I'd chosen, I had assumed that I hadn't bought any character themed tapes this time but that of course was a lie in my mind as I had bought these sentimental circus ones and Rilakkuma one which I really liked. I didn't want any themed ones due to the fact that they are so hard to use up with there being so much on a roll and I don't have all that many sets but never mind, I can at least use them.  The thing I did remember though was the collage ones as I really loved the designs and I just loved the collage tapes that I have already. Everything else I just loved.

I won't be buying from angoo-mart now for a long time as I have so much tape I could probably decorate the house with it. I may however still buy the odd washi tape from the craft store but it will have to be something I really like.

The only other purchases I'm waiting for now is a box full of tippex, I know its a weird thing to buy but I use a lot of it and it was so much cheaper to buy online then at the shop.... also for some reason the supermarket and the store next door just don't seem to sell it. I like the tape one as its dried already.

Are you having good mail days?


  1. Bad mail days for me. And just amazing tape you`ve got! Can`t stop looking at the photos! Lucky you! :)

    1. Well at least you know that there is some mail on its way to you from me. I often have months where I receive nothing, I would have had that now if it wasn't for the fact that I took part in some swaps/exchanges.

      I know its ended up photo heavy but like you I just love each one. I will eventually end up giving some away but its so nice just to look at. Also with it being my last order of this kind it makes it all that more admirable knowing I won't get anymore.

  2. I've not yet ordered tapes from Angoo-mart yet, but may have to finally cave this summer...we shall see :) I still have tapes that I can use, so I'm not exactly in dire straights!

    Also...my mail has been really slow lately. I got a bit of a start on your letter yesterday, but didn't get home until after 8:00pm and still needed to have supper and do prep for the next day, so didn't get as much done as I had wanted. I suspect your reply will go out at the beginning of next week (Tuesday) as even if I'm done before then, there isn't much point in posting it due to the Easter holiday and lack of mail service.

    1. There shipping I find is quite reasonable and as you can see there is a huge range of tapes to choose from in different sizes. I'm sure you'll buy from there when the time is right.

      Don't worry about writing so quickly as I'm sure you'll get the mail out when it suits you. I agree with you about posting it as I do the same, wait until after bank holidays to post things.

  3. So much tape! I love the three vintage looking ones, I just got some fairy tale deco tape and I love it, I hope I can get an amazing collection like yours one day


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