Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Snoopy Card...

Last week a friend e-mailed me some sad news. I wanted to surprise her with a little cheer me up even though I know it would have made only a small dent in lifting her spirit but its the only sad thing about having letter/e-mail communication with friends abroad as you can't just pop around and be there for them.
Luckily that day my niece had gone home early so I sat down and crafted this card for her as she's one of the many people that loves Charlie Brown Characters especially Woodstock.
I used my A-Z again as part of the background. The page I've used is of a village called Haworth which is part of Bradford but known as a place in its own right. It is the home of the Bronte sisters and their family and you can visit the areas they walked in etc... as well as their home but also it has one of the only active steam trains which you can take a ride in.

Oxenhope is also a village featured on this page and the only thing I can tell you about it is that it no longer has a Post Office with in the village. I can not imagine living in a place with no Post Office! I've grown so used to having one almost on my doorstep that to have to go in to Haworth/Keighley to post my letters would be so weird as they are some distances apart. They did have one once but it was forced to close when Royal Mail made many of its cut backs.
I had to put woodstock somewhere and it seemed right to put him on the back like you find with manufactured cards. It adds a little something to the card I think. I just didn't find the right place for him on the envelope...
but I do love how it turned out also. I used washi tape that I received from the Lovely Letters swap and I can't wait to find other ways of using it too.
Did you enjoy watching Charlie Brown as a child?


  1. I am sure she will be happy about that card, it looks really beautiful!


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