Thursday, February 14, 2013

All set to go...

On Friday I mentioned that I was considering stamping my own letters but not packages. A few of you came forward to offer opinions and advice which I really appreciated. This resulted in me sitting down on various days and spending a fortune on various things and they have all arrived so I can show you most of them...
Today my brother picked up these items from the sorting office #parcels #royalmail
These arrived the day after I bought them but unfortunately the postman came whilst my mum had gone to collect my niece from school ( around 12.30pm) so she missed him. I was looking forward to going yesterday and collecting them but it snowed all day that once I left work I knew it wouldn't be wise for me to go out even though the roads were clearish the traffic was beginning to build up... my husband was stuck in Leeds for 6 hours and he was so angry! My older brother however didn't care about traffic and such, he wanted his parcels also so he went and got all of them which is a good thing or else I would have had to wait until Saturday.
I'm now going to try and stamp my own letters so bought a guide template #royalmail #postageOne of them had these labels on it which I really liked #donotbendThis one goes so well with the heart shape #heart #fragile #parcel
In the UK now all mail is sent as weight and size within the country. Its so annoying as I miss the days when you just had a simple 1st or 2nd class, you didn't mind sending first class as it was a couple of pence more expensive so you had the option of fancy stamps. Now though you can never tell if its regular or large letter which means people even more shy away from sending letters here. Anyway I bought this template in order to help me organise my letters better as well as stop me trying to check my mail whilst in the queue to get my letters stamped. Despite these labels someone at Royal Mail dropped them as the 2 that I bought are slightly damaged in the corner so maybe over time the wood at that edge will start to peel away. I'm annoyed as one of them is a gift but its not the sellers fault.
A weighing #scale to weigh my #letters and #parcels
Someone mentioned a weighing scale and I decided to buy one as my older brother posts a lot of things too and we can both use this one if it turns out to be good. I'm going to have to to start with, weigh thing, write the amount and compare it to the post office one. I don't think I'll have any problems with it though but just to be on the safe side :).
The first thing however that I bought were the stamps and the first that I received were my 'make up' ones which are just simple 1p, 2p, 5p and 20p as first class stamps are 60p and its 87p to send a simple postcard. I was really amazed that these stamps were just sent in a plastic bag envelope with these stamp sheets just thrown in like this and you could feel the stamps through the packaging. I imagined they'd be in some kind of plastic wallet at least to keep them secure.
Today however I received another envelope of stamps as those I guess were coming from somewhere else and they were in a plain white envelope with cardboard in and each set placed inside a plastic wallet. The thing that surprised me this time though is that it was my most expensive out of the 2 envelopes and this one was not tracked or required a signature so was just posted through the letter box. After my experience last year I'm much more wary of things not arriving or going astray and with this I'd have no proof of where it was. Someone else of course would have a field day receiving such an amount of stamps for free.
I of course had to have these fashion stamps so bought a set and this image just doesn't do it justice. I'm not in to fashion but there is just something about these stamps that I love.
Did you ever read Comics as a child or even as an adult? I used to love them and often wish I carried on buying them but recently I read a news article saying that they'll no longer be making comics anymore. That's such a shame really, when these stamps first came out I really loved them and did want them but as I mentioned I've always been posting my letters/parcels from the post office so had no need for them. Also I don't really write to anyone in the UK to be able to use these stamps. Now I've got the perfect excuse to own them.
and the last one is this one which I could sit looking at all day even though I've never visited any of the places on these stamps. Maybe one day who knows.

I can't wait to purchase more already and its quite exciting to think I'll be able to have fancy stamps again as I'll also buy sets with higher price ranges in too as it won't always be easy to have an envelope full of stamps.

I have holidays next week so want to first get things organised as I have a stack of postcards to write for PostPals and I started a letter a week ago that I need to complete as well as to make a start on my Elevated Envelope exchange but then I hope to make some items for make my day as that blog is feeling so neglected right now.

Thanks for your help.
Do you tend to stock up on stamps?

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  1. Oh wow you should have a good set-up now. The fashion stamps look amazing!


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