Friday, January 4, 2013

Window shopping...

Usually when I go to a shopping area in the city I pass 2 sofa stores and can never help taking a peek at what they have available as I'm walking past. In one of the stores these and a few others have caught my eye...

I tried looking up sofas at the other store but they didn't have the one that I saw and loved. In reality my husband would really put his foot down if I tried buying something like either of these especially the first. Its sad to think we'd end up with plain block colours and probably leather but we'll see when the time comes...
soft knit cardigan from Asda

I tried this jumper on yesterday and absolutely loved it especially the colour as its something different and I do have clothes in this colour too. I didn't buy it though  as I bought a cardigan in the same type of wool before and it bubbled pretty much straight away which was a shame as I loved it especially the feel. So this one had to stay where it was.
As you know I can't help popping in and looking in at the craft section in a store when going or having been to the supermarket. This range has to be my absolute favourite from Papermania at the moment. Everything fits in so nicely with my Paper Artsy stamps. This is actually sold as a goody bag and I'm so tempted to buy it even though I couldn't resist the paper pad so far and that's considering I need to stop buying paper. The thing that swayed me though was that there were only 2 of each design rather then the 4-6 which never seem to finish.  I also love 2 different ranges  but haven't bought anything from them.
I can only find this one. I love the big button packs which I've stopped myself from buying as I haven't used buttons in my crafts for a long time now, I don't know why as I do actually love using buttons on my work.

Have you seen any nice things lately that you like but wouldn't quite want to own?


  1. Replies
    1. It is, its something different and fun but also it will fit in to any room and colour scheme without it needing to be changed.

  2. Both sofas look cute! The first one seems more on the fun side. It's more colorful. The second one looks a little bit more elegant. I wouldn't want to be in your shoes because they both look adorable.
    The cardigan is so feminine. I love cardigans. Especially because they are good for both spring and autumn. And that salmon color is so pretty. I still have a soft spot for mint and salmon.
    Hugs and kisses
    Love, Andreea!

    1. Thankfully I don't have to decide yet as I don't even have a house to put them in but its so tempting to have something colourful whether funky or elegant.

      Thats so true about cardigans but also its nice to use them to add a bit of style to your everyday wear.

  3. Mi piace moltissimo il tuo mondo colorato e creativo scoperto grazie a The totally awesome!
    I am follow you!


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