Monday, January 7, 2013

My week...

Its another week already and my holidays are over... I'm going to miss the fact I don't have to wake up with the alarm clock but most of all that it was lightish when I woke up in the morning... I of course did a couple of times wake up about 6.30am and was convinced it was in the middle of the night due to it being pitch black outside but just rolled over and went to sleep... no chance of me doing that now but the great thing is knowing spring is just around the corner!

In my last week of the holidays I...
This was meant to be a #birthday #card for a #male but its got a huge hint of #girly
Crafted a little, I had imagined I'd do so much more but my mind just wouldn't allow it. Hopefully I'll get a chance in the next couple of weeks even if its just with my niece.
#hellokitty #hat #children #child #bow #glasses for my niece
I did way too much shopping, I bought a new bag, some things for my husband, niece, younger brother and friends.... as well as a new duvet for the bed as I've had mine way before I even got married and its almost falling to bits due to the type of material its made from. Of course I bought plenty of food too!
#bun #cupcake #smarties #chocolate #deliciousI love Bakewell tarts, I could eat it all #bakewelltart #dessertHmm we'll I've eaten it and it was nothing special. My favourite will always be orange flavour #kitkat #nestle #cookieandcream
I asked someone to buy me a bun, they bought this delicious looking one that I couldn't help taking a photo of... I ate it, it was delicious with gooey chocolate in the middle also but then someone  else told me Smarties are not Suitable for Vegetarians which surprised me as we used to gobble these by the bucket loads but haven't had any for years... it turned out to be true as the chocolate contains animal rennet... How could you Nestle! Still its my own fault as one of the reasons I hardly eat chocolate anymore is because of Nestles and Mars the company, in about 2010 there was a huge outcry about majority of their products not being suitable for vegetarians and some shops even went to the extreme of taking those products off the shelf. Can you imagine not eating any M&M peanuts, my siblings were gutted as they loved them. I am usually so careful when shopping to check for signs but this day because I didn't buy the bun I didn't even think about it. This is also another reason why I've stopped eating yogurts as so many of them aren't either.
Bakewell tarts which I love and I had to try this new flavour of kit kat, cookie and creams. Apparently there is an oreo one too but that isn't suitable for vegetarians.
By the way I'm not vegetarian, I just have to eat meat products that are slaughtered in the Islamic way. Also no pig products or alcohol. My pen-friends are great in checking products before sending them to me to make sure it contains no animal fats, beef or pork gelatins, animal anything really...

I will have a healthy year despite all this sweet stuff because I hardly eat any chocolates/cakes when I'm working.

Instead of drinking cranberry juice I decided to try this for a month as it works out cheaper #tablet #healthy #lifestyle
I was looking at the vitamin one day whilst waiting for my mums medication. I was surprised to see all the varieties available but the best one for me was these cranberry tablets. I love the juice but a whole carton is too much for me and you have to consume them within 2 days. I did start buying the small ones but they cost more then a bigger carton considering you probably got less also. So I'm giving these a try now and I hope they work.
Look what arrived and so quickly too #kindlecover #kindle #polkadot #red #white
I haven't read as much as I would have liked to. If anything I've been reading the same book all week and I'm only still 50% into it but I've been going out more, writing a letter and making the most of my time... Still it didn't stop me from ordering this kindle case online which I loved but the packaging added a little something else to it.
Oh! that's just reminded me that I bought this...
Bought 3 of these, 1 for me, a friend and for a swap. I've always wanted one #letteropener #letter #snailmail
I've always wanted one so couldn't resist when I saw it.

It definitely has been a relaxing two weeks, even though things haven't always gone quite to plan...


  1. What a sweet week you had! I looove chocolate, but we also have to be careful because of the animal stuff inside. It is a problem because company don`t have to write exact what they put in their products. So, we usually use Turkish products because those are safer. And we have lots of those here. Fortunately, their chocolates are delicious!

    Your new kindle case and letter opener are really cute! :)

    1. My auntie in France has the same problem but they have a lot of arabic families where she lives so she has to put her trust in their products. We are much luckier as we have so many halal butchers, restaurants and food stores... also nearly all UK products state if they are suitable for vegetarians but its more the European companies that don't so its hard to know which is why I don't buy those products anymore. Personally I think it should be a requirement in the European Union as we are forced to take on many of their rules. Its nice at least that you enjoy the turkish chocolates, I've never tried any apart from Turkish Delight which isn't my thing.

  2. Hmm..I love Kitkats! Will look for the new flavour! Nice card!


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