Friday, January 11, 2013

I want to carry on being Festive!

You may remember that I'm challenging myself with a mini letter exchange with Got that swing. Its turned out to be really fun thinking up ideas of how to decorate each postcard and envelope to a list of loves that she sent me but the hardest thing for both of us is keeping to a small space as we are both super long letter writers. We came to the conclusion in the end that we should stick to a theme of what to write on the back of each postcard so that it is just a quick burst of us... all good things come in small packages so they say!
For my second postcard I decided to stick to a festive theme and use the stickers she sent me in her first mini letter. I often think its nice to see what people come up with using what you send them even though my friends just need to check out my blogs to see that....
I like how they turned out but the problem with taking photos at this time of year is that they end up so grainy.

Not part of our mini letter but a real spoiler I got this...
#poland #polish #chocolates #fudge #postcard #postagestamp #stamp
Its funny as I'd bought the pack of KitKats to post to her the day before I received this, only I got home and showed them to my younger brother who told me that there is an Oreo flavour too but its not suitable for Vegetarians so I decided when I go to the supermarket next I will see if they sell it. The only problem is that I went to the supermarket on Wednesday and it turned out I'd left my purse at home... my husband was on his way home so I phoned him to make a detour to the supermarket instead and completely forgot to check. I went again yesterday as I forgot a few other items, instead I bought things I hadn't intended to due to special offers and forgot what I actually needed. So as you've probably worked out my mind never gave me that nudge to check out the chocolate aisle. I will definately go today just for them but I'll probably end up buying some for myself too...
Anyway isn't that postcard great, its definately festive and so retro... it reminds me of a 70s rave night even though I was born in the 80s and have never been to a rave but one can get those imagination wheels working.
I've eaten some of the sweets but you'll be glad to know I still have some left. The fudge so reminds me of the Asian mithai Barfi.
Have you had great mail days too? as usually January is quiet for some people but for me its usually when I get my mail as friends write to me over the holiday season.


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