Monday, January 14, 2013

Polish Food

I may have waited a bit to do Fridays post if I'd known this was on the way as it fitted in with the Polish sweets I received... still its great to have got something so delicious!
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Strawberries! I just love fruity things and this is something so amazing. Poland is the 2nd largest country in Europe to grow and export strawberries. I never knew that its so fascinating. I'll have to check the labels of strawberry batches in the future to see where they come from. By the way have you realised that this envelope has no stamps on, its quite something to receive an envelope like this.
#polish #food #postcard #snailmail
To continue with the theme of food I received this yummy looking postcard. You have Pirozhki in the picture with the cockerel which actually reminds me of Samosas, I'll have to look them up to see if they are a similar thing. The 2nd picture is smoked sheep cheese which I never knew there was such a thing but doesn't is look so interesting and the detail on it would have me starring at it rather then eating it... lastly salty water pickle. I know I would enjoy that as I just don't like the English style gerkins etc.... its just not my thing.
Of course it didn't stop at the postcards but 3 little note papers full of information and favourites which I enjoyed reading but you can't see as they are for my eyes only!
Last of all I received some wiggly eyes or in my nieces case... googly eyes. As soon as she saw them she asked me to get up and go and get something from upstairs so that she can make some puppets. Seeing no response from me she went to attack her socks in the hope of making sock puppets only to realise that she has tights on, she hasn't worn tights for years but my sister bought a pack for Pakistan so is making her wear them. My sister has made sock puppets with her using some eyes I gave. Weirdly at that point my sister phoned to say she was in a store that sold good childrens things so I asked her to look up a craft kit of something I can make with my niece but unfortuately she didn't find anything. Whilst telling my sister this my niece told me I have lots of things upstairs! Goodness even she's noticed I've got way too many craft supplies. I will have to now think of something my niece can make as she's not a child that easily forgets.
I'm really quite enjoying these mini letters and can't wait to come up with my next theme.


  1. There were 3 stamps on it... :S At least it reached you fast:) And I'm happy you liked it:)

    1. Thats weird as I can imagine one disappearing but 3! Hmm... some serious collector there then :P. You can tell a little where they were.


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