Thursday, January 10, 2013

We are united...yes!

Before Christmas I received a box full of goodies and my friend told me they were just for fun gifts and my real Christmas gifts would come later....
This #package finally made it after some adventures #snailmail #present #gifts
We waited and waited... she thought it was probably lost forever so contacted the seller. The seller told her to tell me to get in touch with the mail company on my side to find out where it was. I had no idea who to contact as we have Royal Mail and Parcel Force ( as well as a few other companies but these 2 are the ones used by the seller). So in the end I got in touch with the seller and got the information I needed. This was Saturday, the UK postal service and banks are only open until 1pm at the latest or not at all so it was a fruitless attempt at phoning Parcel Force as I just got a cheerful, nice but I can't do a hell of a lot for you assistant. I was all in a panic, maybe even made myself a little ill from it as I wasn't sure how on earth on Monday I was going to get in touch with the mail company due to my working hours and breaks. At some point my younger brother let it slip that he had the day off, I asked him if he would deal with it which he said he would if I left all the details. I ended up feeling so guilty as he ended up wasting his whole day sorting out Parcel Forces mistakes.
I had just pressed the button to take a photo when this hand had sneaked in and whipped the cup away. My niece was pretending to drink from it. #sentimentalcircus #cup
Basically whoever came to deliver the parcel on the 12.12.12 found no one home at the time they attempted to deliver it. The thing is I know my mum is home at that time as she teaches some of the neighbours to read the Qu'ran and they are here between 2pm and 3pm and they attempted to deliver it in that time...supposedly. The deliver driver left no card to alert me of where the package was, which really makes me wonder if the package was taken straight to the post office instead. I have never had problems with Parcel Force before, if anything the drivers are so friendly and compared to Royal Mail actually attempt to get your parcel to you, they usually always come to the back as we are a corner house so it baffles me as to what went wrong.
#sentimentalcircus #stationery #decotape #pencilcase
Anyway as I didn't after 2 weeks attempt to get the parcel, the Post Office sent it back. With it being a Wednesday and Post Offices being open for half a day only except those in the city, it was taken to one there so there was no chance of my local one at some point putting 2 and 2 together, as sometimes things work in weird ways that get a connection even though they don't know me by name. I would have been happy to collect it from the post office as the city center is not so far away from me so that wasn't a problem. The Parcel Force office is another matter entirely as it would mean going in to the next city and depending on the location it would take 30 minutes to a hour to get there.
#stickers #stamps
To make matters worse, the person who collected the parcel didn't scan it in when they got to the Parcel Force deport so when my brother phoned they had no record of it and were trying to send him on a wild goose chase but finally they realised they had no leg to stand on so some poor soul had to check all the parcels for mine. Eventually they found it, as they weren't kind enough to make the journey to get it to me that day my brother had to arrange for it to be left at the post office as no one would be home.
Imagine my absolute delight at finally getting the package but my annoyance at them sticking a sticker on demanding for me to pay £1 for their mistake.
Convenient Delivery my a***. I was thinking to start with that my year was supposed to be a positive one but how can I stay positive about something like this. Then I decided that this is something that happened last year so I will stay positive that after a month of being on its voyage it will not get sent back to the seller and I will receive it. I did receive it and love everything.
My niece had her fingers in everything telling me its hers, in the end I agreed to her having the pencil tin which she took home to put all her pens and felts tips in.
Hopefully you have had some great mail days also. I did get a card as well but forgot to take a photo of it.


  1. I had a very similar experience with another parcel delivery company a few years ago - it was very, very annoying, so I appreciate your anger and frustration. Like you so "Convenient Delivery my a***!" But so glad you are not going to let it ruin your positive attitude or the pleasure of having all those lovely things :) x

    1. To be honest Marianne, my whole year mail wise has been so weird so this was just the cherry on top of the cake to end the year. Its just the fact of how either the same person or two people caused such a mess as if my brother wasn't home I really would have struggled to get this back.

      I just love snail mail too much to back out over something like this :), there are always high and low things in all situations.

  2. What an experience! But it's worth the wait! :D


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