Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Envelopes and Stamps first...

I tend to have weeks where I get no mail at all and then others weeks where I receive some amazing things but its always great to come home from work and see a pretty envelope waiting for me, even if the envelope is plain the stamps usually are not. Unfortunately the man at my Post Office only uses stickers so my friends don't always get great stamps.
This next one is the first on my mini letter exchanges...
I've only done one so far but I know I'll really enjoy it and will get something greate and thoughtful in return. The only down side is the mini as both myself and my partner are super long letter writers so keeping it to a postcard is a stuggle. We've decided to try and do a theme of what to write with each letter which also will be hard as I want to reply to what my friend has written and I know she will want to do the same... lets see how things go....

Have you got any ideas of themes we could write?
 (for example favourites, dreams, wish lists, memories etc...)


  1. Ha ha, I forgot that Tokidoki decorated envelope! How fun to see it up here :)

  2. Ahhh, I so love getting decorated envelopes ^^ But I love even more decorating them ^.^ haha... I was thinking that I usually make my packages almost impossible to open without scissors ^.^ In my childhood already some people made fun of me because my presents looked like they weren't meant to be opened ^.^ And nowadays I like to recycle packaging material (for parcels, not for presents ^0^), so I usually need a lot of tape to hold it together ^.^


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