Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Crafting Part 2

My niece gave me this picture yesterday #child #drawing
I was busy creating the last of my Christmas cards on Saturday when my niece called me down by saying 'I'm here Khala, come down!'. So I had no choice but to... she handed me a piece of paper, 'I've made you a picture Khala' before I got the chance to question her about it, her mum piped up... its a picture of her dad sleeping... erm ok... I actually asked her why I needed a picture of her dad sleeping but got no response.

To me though it looks like dads dreaming of spring or summer as he's got a flower above his head but best of all 3 sunshines even though the yellow one isn't visible. I think I know how dad's feeling there as we're all nearly dreaming of some warmer weather.
I couldn't help laughing on my way to drop my niece off to school on Friday as we turned the corner and were hit by a blast of cold air.... she went 'oh its cold. It's freezing!' she sounded like such an old lady. Her dad got a phone call later saying she wasn't well and can they give her some medication, my mum went after a hospital appointment to get her but they refused to let her go home saying she was fine now. Well when I went to get her, I got a lecture on having dropped her off at school poorly when she had been perfectly fine for the hour and a bit she was with me... I'm guessing she caught a chill from that blast despite being wrapped up in tonnes of layers, gloves, hat and scarf.

Anyway back to Saturday after she gave me this picture, it was like someone pressed a repeat button on her as she kept continuously asking to make Christmas cards as we hadn't finished the few she had left. I decided to share another type of card I made with her in case you'd like to do something like it yourself with a little person. Its so easy and one you can more or less leave them to do.
Spotty #christmas #card made by my #niece using #glitterglue
You'll have to excuse the photos as I took them about 8pm on Saturday night as my sister had mentioned she was going to write them to give on Monday. They are a peach and beige colour but they both look exactly the same. I have a tub of glitter glue from my days of making FBs and Decos which I hardly use anymore and weirdly still work. Before she had even started she told me she was going to make lots of spots so I told her to go for it even though I knew they would flatten out. They remind me of fireworks, baubles or fairy lights.... her mum has some Christmas foam stickers at home and I said if she wanted she could get her to stick some on top but she liked them as they are.

I've since told her not to write the cards as I saw a post on GypsyofJaspers blog about Salt Dough ornaments that I thought it would be so much fun to make with my niece as she's been begging for me to bake with her for ages only this will have a different twist of course as she can paint them. I've decided to make circles (baubles) and stars and she can give one each to the adults that work with her which in reality I don't actually know how many there are so I'll make about 20 if I can. Its one of the things my niece has always found hard is not knowing who would be there on the days she went.

I've only seen salt dough used once at work and it was a nasty experience as the children used it like play dough to make something in pieces so they were differently thicknesses. It ended up taking a whole day to cook it so the thin bits snapped and the fatter bits were still squidgy... so you can imagine where that project ended up! We had no choice as it was just crumbs so I hope the same doesn't happen here.

Hopefully I'll leave work straight away at 4pm tomorrow (I'm getting home about 4.30pm due to parents not collecting their children on time) so that I can do this with her as on Tuesday I'll be viewing a house which has probably sold by now as we had to wait a week to view it at the time we wanted! Its been put on the market for the 3rd time! Then I'll work until 4pm on Wednesday too.... I hardly do anything with my niece anymore and feel so guilty... I can't even remember the last time we went to the library.

I'll blog about our salt dough adventure soon though as I will give this a try.


  1. thank you fro my postcard it arrived today. hope your holiday season is a merry one

    1. I'm so glad you got it, I really appreciate the comments even though I haven't had the chance to comment on yours lately.


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