Friday, December 7, 2012

Are you a girlie girl?

Would you believe that for 30 years I'd never had my hair cut by a hairdresser? Then this year after having some months of my hair falling out I decided to get it cut to half its length which my mum wouldn't do so I had to take the risk and go to the hairdressers. My hair stopped falling out but now that it was a similar length to before I had the same problem so decided to go again and get it cut
The only thing I don't have is the hair dryer
For some time I had been considering getting some straighteners as my sister gave me some that a friend gave to her and I wanted a decent set. So after getting my hair done for a second time I decided to buy myself a set of ghd. It was such a hard decision with the price as I don't straighten my hair enough and I don't 100% like it but the thing that swayed me is that I can curl my hair using them. As a really young child I had curly hair but as my hair has grown longer they've turned to waves which just makes my hair bushy so I hate having my hair down (plus I feel hot). My nieces was super curly but now her curls are slowly turning to waves too but my sister with having cut her hair shorter has lovely curls.
I actually bought a curling wand but that does nothing for my hair and now I've got this curling wand that I've used once and can't use again. I'll have to see if my sister in law would let her daughter have it as she has perfect straight hair that doesn't need a straighter.
Anyway after spending weeks looking at straighteners I decided to go with this one even though I really loved the peacock theme. I was so shocked though when I came home and the package was huge, I was even more shocked on opening it... I didn't know that either of the boxes would be there as it wasn't mentioned in the listing but I have to admit I feel slightly cheated also. I love boxes but in this case I would have just wanted the straighteners and other bits and not 2 shoe sized boxes that I'm going to now struggle to store with my things. Also when an item is so expensive already it feels unfair to pay for 2 items you never wanted, I would much rather have bought the straighteners for less. Still it was a nice surprise.
Now I need to throw out all my make up that I've had for 6 years+ (most from when I get married) and just keep the basics since I only wear it on special occasions. I don't look after myself at all... I always have chapped lips and hands, untamed hair.... but I would love to be more girlie as I do like those things too.


  1. to tell the truth I've never been a girly girl... my best friend even told me that I once said to her (in high-school) that I don't care what I look like as long as I have good marks ^0^ This is so hilarious, because I don't even remember the time when I actually cared about my marks ^.^ Maybe she made it up ^.^ I do like looking good, but you're right, it's always a lot of trouble... I find myself doing the minimum all the time, sometimes I'm happy enough to have time to dress myself and comb my hair, haha... I also noticed that through the course of time, my priorities have changed ~ from fanciness to neatness... I don't wear a lot of make up and less accessories, I don't have a lot of clothes, but I do find time to do my nails, a few moments for masks and lotions and I also work out almost every day now... I think it's fine to just do something that you feel is good for you, you don't have to care about who expects what...

    1. Dressing up is such a task but when I do it for special occasions I wonder why I don't do it more often. I love looking at videos for hair styles but I would really struggle to actually do that in my own hair as it feels often like I have 2 left hands. I think it maybe the same for you.

  2. 30 years?O.o So how long was your hair?:) This is really nice box and a bag.
    I think I'm getting more girly. I always was wearing jeans, flat shoes, no heavy make up and I even didn't dye my hair. After I finished to study I started to wear dresses more often and I think I look more girly in general:) Although still, you wouldn't find me wearing pink:P
    I have a straightner but I only use it in cases of emergency because my hair is perfectly straight without it:) But it falls out a lot too:(

    1. My hair was to my waist and my mum just used to trim along the bottom but would never take huge chunks off. I have noticed a difference with the way she did it and the hairdressers as theres have such a clean cut along the bottom. My fringe I used to do myself and must admit prefer it that way still as they do nothing different to it.

      I think with hair falling out I think its a lack of something or not the right item being used on the hair. I often find shampoos change their ingrediants often so it effects your hair.

  3. Since that hair straighter became a little more cheaper to buy I got one, years ago and since then I got addicted to it. It's great because you can always turn your hair beautiful, and hide some part that is a like a mess, but honestly after years using it I can tell it damages the hair. My hair had natural waves and now it doesn't have any more, it loss its natural shape and I always have to use it. I'm slowly trying not to, to have my healthy hair again. :)

    1. Some people I've noticed that use it every day have hair a bit like straw but as I use it maybe 3-4 times a year and wash my hair the next day I decided it was best to get a decent set that will last me some years and still do the job I want it to do. Still the price is something that made me quite reluctant to buy them at first.

      It maybe worth using a shampoo with serum in to add in some more oil to your hair so it doesn't seem so bad.


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