Monday, December 31, 2012


The last #book I've read in #2012 #kindle #thesnowchild
At the beginning of the year I set myself the goal of reading 50 books by the end of the year... I almost didn't make it but with my reading binge these last few days I've flown past it by 3 books...
In my teens I used to read anything but then came a point when I just read chick lit, this year I decided to get back in to reading anything and pretty much everything even when I really dislike a book I try to finish it even though I think there was only one book I didn't even get past the 1st chapter...
I've read a variety of short stories and super long ones, some seriously dull ones but also some great ones... I even listened to some books (all the George Bernard Shaw ones) but that really isn't for me as I switched off whilst listening to most of them so I couldn't even really tell you what happened exactly all of them. I may one day buy his book of plays as my first introduction to him was in college for English Literature and I really enjoyed it. I didn't read a single dull classic then which is why I guess I'm determined to read as many as possible now.
Here are all the ones I've read or listened to this year

2: Drums on the Night Air

3: Arms and the Man

4: Candida

5: The Secret Life of Bees

6: Rescuing Rose

7: Rosie's War: An Englishwoman's Escape from Occupied France

8: The Doctor's Dilemma

9: The Devil's Disciple

10: The Phantom of the Opera

11: The Diary of a Nobody

12: The Dress

13: Behaving Badly

14: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

15: PS, I Love You

16: The blue suitcase

17: Oh, the Places You'll Go!

18: The Marvelous Land of Oz

19: Needful Things

20: Weight of Water

21: The Language of Flowers

22: Tiny Sunbirds, Far Away

23: Like bees to honey

24: Mockingbird

25: Liverpool Songbird

26: Women and Children First (English and Italian Edition)

27: Sixteen Brides

28: An Idiot Abroad: The Travel Diaries of Karl Pilkington

29: Ten Years on

30: Lost in Shadow

31: Free Country: A Penniless Adventure the Length of Britain, Ed: 2

32: The Stepford Wives

33: Butterfly Summer

34: The Long Way Home

35: Ozma of Oz

36: Misalliance

37: The Woggle-Bug Book

38: Mrs. Warren's Profession

39: The Last Telegram

40: Dorothy And the Wizard in Oz

41: Stealing Jake

42: More Ketchup Than Salsa: Confessions of a Tenerife Barman

43: Food of Ghosts

44: The Beach Cafe

45: The Road to Oz

46: Under fishbone clouds

47: Chocolate Shoes & Wedding Blues

48: Misalliace

49: Pygmalion

50: The Emerald City of Oz

51: The Patchwork Girl of Oz

52: Great Expectations

53: The Snow Child

The ones after the beach cafe are all what I've read this week... I am only half way through Wizard of Oz so hopefully by February I will complete it as it will mean that I've been reading that book for a year even though it is full of shortish stories....
In 2013, I hope to complete another 50 books, I've only given myself £50 to spend which I got my younger brother to send me as an e-gift. Last year I spent £60 by spending between 20p to £4.99 on a book, I don't think I got any free books this year as I realised that many of them are part of a series and I'm not willing to buy the rest of the books.
I sat and read some of my reviews yesterday as I couldn't believe that some of them I only read a year ago, I realised some of them I should have given full 5 strawberries to and others 1 but decided I'll leave it as it is and try this year to give credit where its due. I guess its hard giving full marks when others may think its complete rubbish... I've done that with some book lately where people have really boosted about it and I've been left wondering what I've missed. I really dislike reading posts back also much later as I notice all my spelling mistakes but never mind we all make them right?
Do you keep track of what you read?
Are you on Shelfari or Good Reads? I'm Samash on both


  1. I want to get back into the habit of reading during 2013 as I do love to read so that is high on my wanto to do list

    1. I hope you manage it as I really enjoying ignoring everyone and losing myself in a good book

  2. Hmm, I think classics are classics for a reason:) That's why the chance to bump into a dull one is smaller. Athough on the other hand, we don't need to like a book just because it's a classic:)

    I change my mind about my personal rating of the books I read after thinking a book over too. Sometimest I get excited with a book and then I think "but really what was so great about it? Meh, I don't like it that much after all" And other times I finish the book and afterwards it strucks me it was genious:D

    I have goodreads account too and I keep track of what I'm reading too (though shame to say, my list isn't that long).

    1. Well I have complete collections now and even though they take up so much time to read I will try and get through as many as I can in the next couple of years. Hopefully by then some of the more modern ones I'd like to read will be cheaper.

      I have honestly found since getting a kindle that I read way more, if I still got paper backs I would have read way less as its just not the same. I don't miss paperbacks at all but maybe thats because I have to visit a book store when I'm in the city :P. Hopefully you'll find that balance to read more this year.


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