Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year! Wishing you an amazing, adventurous, happy and healthy 2013!
I wish you all an adventurous, happy, interesting, wish filled and healthy 2013! I hope it turns out the way you want it to!
I never keep new years resolutions, I always have hopes and dreams of things that I'd like to happen within that year but this year I'm just going to let it pan out however it does anyway.
This year though I will try to do pretty much the same in
  • writing letters, I want to get a much better balance as I'd really love to take some new friends on this year as I miss that side of things so much. I'd love some in un-usual places, different cultures etc... but in reality it doesn't matter as long as I get a long with the person.
  • continuing crafting and creating projects. I have so many ideas its finding the time to do it. I especially want make my day to be majority handmade as I've ended up filling a lot of the gaps with supplies. Its one of the reasons I decided to end the year with supplies as it will hopefully mean it will give me something else to focus on.
  • read as much as possible
  • blog as often as possible but also to try and comment on all the blogs I follow which isn't many. I've ended up towards the end of this year just completely stopping almost as I can't balance everything.
These are things I hope to do a little differently but its not a resolution as such...
  • watch more what I eat, I hardly eat junk food anymore, as a child we were allowed to buy what we could with our pocket money plus have one of whatever was at home. I always was the one to suffer so over the years I've cut back but I need to add in more healthier options. Especially with this vitamin d deficiency I could have been eating the right food earlier. Its something I've always said but I end up a lazy cook in having whatever I'm giving everyone else.
  • I saw an image on Instagram where someone suggested keeping a jar and writing all the happy things that happen on a slip of paper and putting it in there. At the end of the year take all of those out and read them. I will do this as by the end of the year I always feel like I've accomplished nothing but I think its because I'm so focused on those bigger things like wanting a house, to study, a new job but as I mentioned earlier I aren't even going to really think about it... of course I'll search for a house but now if it happens it happens I'm not thinking by this month I want to... as it hasn't worked. People hardly want to sell houses anymore, the same ones have been up for years so its like I've seen it all before. So at the end of the year I'll list all those things on my blog.
  • to try and exercise a bit more, I love to walk but hardly do it

There were some other things but I can't think of them right now... Do you have any plans for this year?


  1. Happy New year may the year bring you all that is wonderful

  2. Happy New year! Fingers crossed to succeed in doing all the things you want to do a little differently :) I wish you health, happiness and money in 2013.

  3. I LOVE the idea with the jar!!! I'll try to do do it too:D But I'm so forgetful and unorganized that I'm not sure if I won't just forget about it after few days:P But I'd really love to do it too. I get a bit depressed sometimes, I think it can also be good to see my life more bright in such moments too:)
    Writing, reading, blogging, watching food (I lack iron so I need eat food with iron and I must give up sweets and falafel:P), excercizing are my resolutions too:D
    I have some bigger plans too, hope they work out:)
    Good luck with your plans and a Happy New Year:)

    1. Well it doesn't harm for us to try and fill a jar, maybe if we know its there we'll make an effort to put those little or big things down on paper. I have already started so let me see how it goes. I hope that you find it works for you also :).

      I just looked falafels up, I've heard of them but never seen them and they do indeed look delicious. Hopefully you can stick to some of your goals for this year :)


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