Sunday, December 30, 2012

A snippet of life...

So far I've had a week of my holidays, I've no idea where it has gone but here are some snippets of it...
#christmas #package #letter #winter #birds #snailmailA #handmade #christmas #postcard and #envelope from #finland love it :)Received a wonderful card from @yessy9663, thank you so much. #snailmail #card #present #christmas #postagestamp #stamp #usa
Some great mail to cheer me up...
I couldn't resist buying another colour wheel especially at a third of the price #ink #inkpad #rainbow #brightI don't know whether to keep all 4 sets or give them away. They are just so cute #boofle #rubberstampsSome stamps I forgot I bought recently #boofle #rubberstampsI went to the supermarket and on the way decided to pop in to the craft store. As you can see I didn't leave empty handed. I loved the latest vintage range so will have to go back for the rest #buttons #washitape
My constant addiction to buying craft supplies, a friend and I have talked about Boofle but there are no stickers but these stamps were so cute not to resist even though I'm in 2 minds about giving them away maybe on make my day! Its so tempting but I'll see :). (maybe Amy you'd like them?)
One of my #childhood favourites and it still tastes so good. #chocolate #biscuits
A trip down memory lane... I loved these as a child so couldn't resist when I saw them at the supermarket. I think it tastes even better now then it did then, usually things I've tried as a child I don't as an adult.
I finally got around to making a big #mug of #hotchocolate @givegifts
With these cold, windy and rainy days, I couldn't resist having a cup of hot chocolate after discussing it with someone on Instagram.
Back to #letter writing, such a #cute #winter theme. I'm really enjoying writing on it.A very simple but lovely #letterset of #choufleur. Can't wait to finally use these #papertapes and #washitape #snailmail
I've so far completed one letter, I'm going to start another tonight but I'm in no rush really as I only have 2 letters to reply to... maybe I'll get others during the week but those will probably be replied to after my holidays.
#books #chicklit
I've also read a lot of books this week but none that have blown me away. These are ones I've read years ago which my sister left with me to give to a charity shop but instead they've been sitting in a bag on my bedroom floor. I was going to list them all together on eBay but came to my senses when I realised it would cost a fortune to post so no one will want them. I'll just have to take them somewhere even though they would be nice stories to re-read.
I've also went into the city but didn't find anything worth buying for myself in the sales, I would have loved to have gone to one of the shopping centers in another city but those would be insanely busy and right now is not the right time for me as my health is still suffering.
I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was having some blood tests done, the first lot I had done came back as me having a lack of vitamin D, they called me in for 3 more one of which was diabetes. I knew I didn't have it with doing a test on my mum's machine over the last couple of years on the odd occasion when I've thought maybe its that. Still when I sat down and checked the symptoms on the internet I was shocked to find that all my symptoms were listed, it was like reading about myself. I got told on Friday I don't have it so that's a relief but its also weird to have come across that and think I was so close to maybe finding out what it could be. I have a 6 month course of vitamin D and I really hope after that majority of my symptoms will be gone especially the stomach pains and nausea. The only other thing is IBS....
It is so incredibly quiet without my niece here but its nice to just sit and do very little....
How has your week been so far?


  1. Seriously, I can't believe that a week of the holidays has passed just like that ~ and I've done absolutely nothing!! I hope we can be more productive next week... if not, what the heck, let's take a good rest at least ^^

    The paper with the little animals looks so cute! And those stamps ^.^ and the ink pad looks really handy ^.^ Haha, somebody sent you some silly penguins ^.^

  2. Now I pressed 'publish' before I could write the more important things =.= I'm happy to hear it's not diabetes and I'll cross my fingers that you will feel better with the vitamin D treatment... I guess I also need a vitamin check... That would be a good new year resolution ^.^

  3. Tanuki it makes two of us to do very little, even my husband moaned that I haven't moved from the sofa but I have really sore ankles which the doctor insists is because of my lack of vit d and should take up to 4 months to get better, its why I hope it may help my stomach as it effects your bones and muscles. I'll have to see. Still even though I've done very little I've been content and I hope you are too.

    It's a 24 piece set and I've used 15 sheets, I'll mix it with another for your letter as it is such a cute set, I really enjoyed using it.

    As for the penguins, they were just too cute not to share as well as really festive :)


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