Monday, September 17, 2012

With Love....

On Instagram I have received a couple of offers from people to write letters but unfortunately I haven't been able to take people up on it as I worry about not being able to write back. One person though I decided to become a postcard pen-friend with as I've read about it on a few blogs and liked the idea. We agreed to create our own postcards but to send them in an envelope which meant I also had to decorate that which is fun.
As you can see I decided to follow the theme of what I created for make my day with this one too as I was having so much fun. I can't wait to think of new themes to create for her if she decides to continue with these exchanges.
This postcard is smaller then the ones I created for make my day but it didn't matter with the word being shorter... I nearly cut up these tickets to remove the words but now I'm glad that I waited before doing it. I really wanted the tickets but didn't like the choice of words on them which I didn't pay so much attention to when buying it. These rubber stamps are now half price compared to when I bought it (£3 a complete bargain if you ask me). I have since bought some blank tickets so won't be chopping these ones up.

I managed to squeeze only a small amount on the back about myself which was hard as I'm used to rambling for England in my letters but it also makes it quite a challenge to see what unfolds over time in our postcards.
I decided to go a little further and add some extra love in the envelope with these origami hearts and some half made origami lucky stars which she'll have to squeeze herself to create the stars. All those stars are one of each design of my paper strips that I own. I will soon need to buy some more strips as I'm starting to run low but I'll wait some time before doing that as it will only tempt me into buying some stationery from Janet Stores.
If this goes well that I may ask some of you if you'd like to do a handmade postcard exchange too on a regular basis.

Do you do a regular postcard  exchange?


  1. Awe, love what you've done!

    Hope you have a fun week! ;D

  2. Oh, I love this idea...trouble is, I have very few people to write to outside of out little town and of course writing home.
    That's the drawback of Skype...I tend to chat to my parents a lot that way, but I love to get real mail!

    1. Why don't you look on websites like or interpals for people who'd like to do exchanges as its a nice way to meet new people.

  3. HOW did you make the origami stars? It looks so cheerful!Because of your blog I do send more letters these days, I creating my own cards :) Hope she will keep it up because this one is great.

    1. I looked up a video on Youtube and made it along with the person who made it. I was once looking for something else and came across the video so had to try it. I will post a video tomorrow on here for you :).

      I'm glad I've been inspirational in some way.

    2. again thank you, I will so try them out :)


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