Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Anne-Marie Conway~Butterfly Summer~

Read: On Kindle
Paid: 99p
Reason I choose it: I liked the sound of the title and the reviews were great on it.

Some secrets last a lifetime. When Becky and her mum move to the tiny village of Oakbridge, Mum is hoping for a new beginning. But when Becky discovers an old photo of her mum in hospital clutching a baby, twelve years before Becky was born, Becky becomes haunted by the thought that her mum is keeping something from her. Stifled by her mum's over-protectiveness and depressive moods, Becky feels more alone than ever. The only place she finds comfort is at the beautiful local Butterfly Garden with her new friend, the wild-spirited and impulsive Rosa May. But Becky can't shake off the unanswered questions. Why can't she swim? Where is her dad? Who is the baby in the photo? And why is her mum lying to her? As the two girls spend more time together however, Rosa May's unpredictable temper and possessive streak suggests that she is hiding something as well...and in the heat of the sun-drenched summer, it seems that Becky is the only one in the dark.
(The blurb)
My Opinion
Firstly the thing to mention about this book is that it is a childrens books (early teens) which wasn't mentioned at all when I viewed the book on Amazon. So when I started it I was actually thinking this book is a bit childish until I got a quarter of a way through and realised it really was for children. So I'm going to base this review for a teen rather then an adult as I did continue reading the book to find out exactly what happened even though most of it was easy to guess and as usual the parents are useless and the children far too old for their age (or maybe I was just childish at that age!). Anyway I would really recommend this book for teens as it has that mystery/secrets for them, friendship, fears, relationships etc... and the book flows nicely and is just the right length. It is of course a girlie book but some boys may enjoy it too.
 My Rating

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