Thursday, September 20, 2012

Origami Love....

I was asked how I made my origami hearts. I hardly ever use Youtube but there are times when I have just ventured by through links people post on their blogs and then ended up staying to look up other things which resulted in me creating something out of the experience....

I used this video to create these....
With the flappy bit at the back it was so easy just to slip the lollipop stick under and it looked like it was part of it.

This video I used to create the hearts that I made recently. They are so neat once made and look great too.
And of course I have to finish with this one since I'm on the topic of origami as on Instagram I had so many people ask me how to make lucky stars.

My addiction...
#origami #luckystars #heart #love #rainbow
I was meant to post this yesterday but Flickr for the first time since I had it wasn't working...typical don't you think which is why I'm posting it today. I hope that you found it helpful.
What Origami items have you made?


  1. Replies
    1. Its fun to see the outcome of all the folding as often it looks nicer in the video but when you make it you realise its not quite the right thing.

  2. I love the hearts and stars, especially with holidays coming up. I'll have to take a closer look at these...and hope that they turn out not looking like my usual frogs!

    1. The stars I find are great for filling up boxes so that when the person opens it, it adds that extra wow factor to it. The hearts are a nice idea for cards etc...

  3. Thank you so much for posting these!!! I made an origami dinosaur, and same money origami like dickie bows and shirts and then just pay with it. Again thank you thank you!

    1. I'm glad I can help. I've made origami shirts before, I completely forgot about that but I also saw the dollar bill folding of that one. Have fun making these :)

  4. I remember that you once posted origami stars video in your other blog and I think that was the first post I made a comment to and I made origami stars myself then too although not with such nice paper:)

    1. On my other blog I actually posted step by step photos of how to make the stars, I still have them but I think its much easir to watch a video. I've been meaning to make videos myself but I'm just too lazy.

      I find it hard to make stars out of scrapbook paper or printer paper but other people find it quite easy. Still buying them on Janet stores is much easir with nicer options and they aren't all that expensive either :)


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