Friday, September 21, 2012

Favourite time of Day....

My favourite time of day definitely has to be night time, I always find it the most calmest time of day as I guess because I've got all the house work out of the way, nothing needs to be done etc... and I can just sit and do one of my many hobbies... also though I love it when it is raining, windy, thundering or lighting at this time of day as it feels like such a cosy blanket being indoors with the world going insane outside.
The thing with morning is that you are cosy in bed and have to force yourself to get up, to do things, to go places, to think......
I use all of these reasons but in reality I've always been like this as a child too, we all loved to be up late at night and wanting to sleep during the day. My older brother doesn't even want to work day shifts, my dad also worked nights, my mum even now stays up late into the early hours of the morning and goes to bed to wake up around 9am-10am and I would probably do the same if it wasn't for my job be a day related one.... still maybe working nights isn't the same as having leisure time.
What time of day do you prefer?


  1. I also love the night time more so if I am home alone it is peaceful and I don't have to listen to hubby snoring when he falls asleep whatching tv

    1. I used to love being home on my own but often now I find it quite creepy, still I love being in my bedroom with no one around doing my own thing so I know what you mean.


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