Sunday, September 16, 2012

I've mentioned the C word....

I thought once my holidays end I would be back to regular blogging again especially since my husband isn't in the country at the moment which means I have a lot more time to do my own thing. You would think that's the case anyway but I'm getting up at 6am every morning for my niece which means I'm completely shattered by 8pm and just want to go to bed.... of course I don't as I want to make the most of having my bedroom back to myself that I've been crafting and writing letters.
During the week I made some British themed postcards for make my day which are still available. Then last night I finally made a start on my Christmas cards.  
Starting my #christmas #cards using #stamps and #images unfortunately they won't be very unique this year :(
I had planned on using these square Christmas images that I bought from Crafty Individuals some years ago but couldn't bring myself to do anything with them even though I tried as I found them boring and couldn't understand why I bought them. I finally decided to do something with them when I bought a pack of GB stamps and they were 90% Christmas stamps which really annoyed me of course.
I really wanted to create bright coloured christmas cards this year but after a #Christmas stamp overload I decided to use those which means subtle colours like this #paper #cards #craftsI finally found some #washitape in #bradford, hopefully soon I'll be able to buy more as I asked the lady at the craft shop in the city to look into getting some. I hope she does :) #spots #checkered #christmas
I decided to buy some Christmas paper as I wanted something brighter compared to last years. I know its not that bright but most of my things are Vintage looking so I couldn't go for cutesy bright. Anyway once I got last year pack out I realised I had way more paper left then I imagined so I've ended up using mostly that in order to finish it off. If I don't finish that this year I think I'll have to give it away as I can't have another year using that same pad again.... it didn't even have that many sheets.
When I went to the craft store yesterday I was so excited to see washi tapes, its come in so handy already to make my cards with that its tempting to buy some more from Angoo-Mart but I won't as I have already placed 2 order this year. I have asked the lady in the craft store in the city though to see if she can get hold of some as then I will hopefully save on shipping but if not at least it means I can choose what I really want rather then filling a box. Also like the tape I bought above, the green one was cut twice so when I peeled it off, it came away in layers so I was able to take it back where as if I bought it online I wouldn't have said anything.
I couldn't get my #christmas #images and stamps to work together so decided to back my #postcards and the penny might drop but it hasn't and these look great just like this. This year I want      to post them without an envie so need to keep them flatI'm so pleased the penny dropped but I've only used images and not postage stamps. I will share all cards in November or December
I mentioned that I started making my cards last night but when I actually sat down the images and stamps just wouldn't work so I decided to back all the cards and round all the edges in the hope that an idea would come to me and thankfully it did after I'd been to the opticians today. I decided to not use the postage stamps and just focus on the images, paper, washi tapes and my templates from last year to create something. I'm not 100% satisfied and I've not co-ordinated the colours at all but its a lot better then I imaged. Also they are completely flat at the moment so maybe this year I will post my postcards naked.... if  I don't then I can use the Christmas Stamps on the back.. I'll have to see.
Are you thinking about Christmas already?
I am trying this year as I always end up feeling rushed with taking so much on as you know from previous years of me almost having a melt down and wondering if I'll get them done in time as I've over done things.

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