Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mail Time....

Love these #wallace and #gromit #stamps #notebooks. I didn't buy any though
This year my mail experiences have been so weird....
  • I posted everyone that took part on make my day a Christmas card last year, I received a couple back from people who maybe no longer lived at that address anymore around March time. Really quite odd if you ask me since I posted them late November.
  • I had a letter to The Netherlands first travel to Thailand and then to The Netherlands. I assumed it never would arrive so re-wrote and posted a letter only for both to arrive within days of each other.
  • Around the same time I wrote to someone in Malaysia and they never received the letter at all.
  • I always post my letters from the post office, usually they always put the stamp on the front with an airmail sticker but for some reason this year I've had many letters sent to me which really irritated me because why would I spend so much postage sending a letter with in the UK.
  • Only once did this work out great for me, my niece stuck the stamps on and I thought it looked great with the random way it was stuck on so took a photo. Only I came home and noticed I missed the P.O.Box number off so was hoping it would come back to me first before going there and it did... it then meant I could pop it back into the post box and it arrived at its destination.
  • Yesterday I came home from work to find  my recent make my day envelope sitting on the table. At first I thought not again and then I thought what the... the man at the post office had stuck the postage stamp on to the side with my address, what made it worse is that he used a UK large letter stamp when the envelope wasn't even large letter (if I was sending it in the UK which I was not). I took the envelope to the post office but he wasn't there, the lady who works for him rolled her eyes, stuck the right amount on which meant he would have to pick up the bill for the whole envelope as he had under charged me but I didn't realise with sending other things too. I did offer to pay but she said no.
Have you had any interesting experiences with the post this year?


  1. Actually it worked out quite well this year. I had one letter that was returned TWICE to me. The address was all correct and only when I sent it the third time, in a new envelope, it arrived, same address still. it was weird.
    Once I sent a letter to Iran and it came back to me "missend" to Japan. Ehh.... ok?!

    1. I tend to find that happens when using envelopes that come with letter sets which is why I no longer use them. Its a shame as they are so nice.

      I often wonder how they get countries mixed up as Iran looks nothing like Japan. They say its computerised system but it still isn't a good enough excuse in my opinion

  2. I recently had a letter returned to me because silly me forgot to put the number of the house on it before I sent it off......I also at the start of the year got a bill for underpostage when it came I wasn't surprise because I had asked my daughter to post it and told her she would have to take it in and not just stick an normal 60cent stamp on it as it would cost more because of the size of it but no she just stuck a normal 60 cent stamp on it.......silly girl...

  3. I'm glad its not just me who forgot to put the whole address on, usually I'm ok with it.

  4. Oh, I LOVE those Wallace and Gromit books!!! :)

    I had mail that arrived and it was wrapped in plastic with a "sorry we destroyed your mail, Canada Post always strives to make things better, etc"...except that there was NOTHING wrong with the envelope parcel. I wasn't bent, ripped, I was SO confused :/

    1. I thought so too but then when I opened them they were just plain lined so its not worth it.

      That is weird but I guess they just wanted to emphase how good they are at looking after your mail :P.

      I got the make my day envelope back again yesterday which made me cross so I just posted it in to the letter box and really hope it reaches its destination.

    2. Oh, that is too bad that there aren't designs on the inside pages. I don't know why they don't think of these many more of us letter writers would buy them, and chop them up to use the pages for letter paper! Ha ha, or at least I would! :) I guess at least the covers are cute, and they have lines. I never really understand notebooks without lines, unless you're getting a sketchbook. But I guess that could be just due to the fact that I can't write straight to save my life without lines :)

      Sorry to hear abouy your make my day envelope, I hope it will get to its destination safely.


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