Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mail Day....

Time to get a move on and reply to some letters, I'm finally making use of my diddl collection
  • I didn't finish writing my list yesterday so decided to continue with some of it today
  • I have mostly written letters this holiday and have so enjoyed it that I feel completely lost now that I don't have any to write.
  • When it gets like this its so tempting to take on new friends but I really won't because I start work in a weeks time
  • Also though I took the plunge and applied for my Maths GCSE finally but I won't know if I'll actually get to do it until I take a test first. My sister has given me a test paper to try and I embarrassingly could do very little on it when browsing (she is a maths teacher in a secondary school). I've no idea yet what the cost will be.
  • When looking at the course booklet I noticed a craft section, I'm so tempted to sign up for a book binding course which is 20 weeks but I need to stop spending this month.
  • I was reading underthemoonlightwithanna blog and she mentioned she had adopted 2 soldiers. It sounds like a great program so I looked up the UK version of Adopt a Squaddie but I need to read it again to really register what I need to do. Do you write to a Soldier and what do you make of it?
  • It will be a better project to do then Project: Inspiration and Project: Take some Love as I really had to battle the rain with both and lost as it just seems to pour with rain each time I try something like that. It will be so much fun to create funky envelopes and papers for it :).
  • Why is it money needs to be spent all at the same time. My Flickr account ends this month and thankfully I paid for that before my car insurance came through to scare me... it was quoted at £1,185. It only got that ridiculous after my accident, before that it went down to £300. Bradford is a high risk area like everything else so if I lived somewhere else it would be around £300. I now need to get on all these quote websites to see if I can get a lower one... so far my cheapest one is £668 but I've never heard of the company before....Do I risk it?
  • As I mentioned a while ago someone stole my wing mirror mirror. I waited for my husband to sort it out and when I asked him about it he was so rude. In the end I bought the mirror on ebay and fitted it myself! The only thing is because they broke part of my wing mirror to get to the mirror I'm now worried they will steal this one too :(. So I've told my husband he'll have to keep looking for a new wing... he won't though until this one is stolen.
  • I loved that Diddl paper, so summery with water fights and bubbles... so reminds me of my childhood. I've nearly finished it so need to stop using it and use my others.
  • I've got so many craft ideas running around my head that I couldn't sleep at all last night. I really need to put some of it into action tomorrow... really I just don't know where the days seems to be going.
    Have you had some great mail days?


  1. i have i got the cutest card the other day

  2. I had a great email-day. Got news from the soldier I'm supporting. They have access to internet only every once in a while, they have 1 computer for 600 soldiers so I was very flattered that he used his time to write me. It's been a long time since I don't get any real letter in my mailbox.

  3. I encourage you to adopt a soldier! I tried with adopt a Squaddie but you must be a UK citizen. That's why I use the American version. It's not a pen pal project so the soldier might write back or not (usually they don't, just emails) but from the stories I've heard, when they go home the all say that what kept them sane in the war zone were the letters and packages they got. It's really interesting to hear about their jobs there and living conditions.


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