Monday, August 27, 2012

Mind Your Manners

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Lately my biggest gripe is peoples manners.
I went with my niece last week to the supermarket and there was an event for face painting and balloon making going on. I was in one queue with my niece when 4 ladies who were together pushed in because they wanted a balloon object. They just shouted at the man making them but the disgusting thing was they'd had their turn already. Worst still was that they had a child of about 2 with them and completely forgot about her until one of them suddenly said where is so and so and they all looked around. She'd thankfully walked into the local bakery. We then moved to face painting and we were the 2nd ones in the queue, this lady and her grand-daughter pushed in but the grand-daughter asked for something ridiculous that no one knew what it was which meant the lady painting faces had to go in search of it on the Internet... I personally would have said I didn't know and left it at that as she didn't even find it on the Internet. I had to force my niece to wait as she was so excited that she wanted to sit down straight away. What was nice though is the girl in front of me told my niece to go before her even though I told her we could wait.
I've started photographing all my stationery when writing letters, this is more for myself so that I can keep track of what I have used but also its helpful when posting photos on make my day for stationery as I can just use those photos. Anyway the amount of people that come saying that I've got nice stationery, write me a letter... I just think how rude! What ever happened to asking if you'd like to be friends and offering to write the first letter since you asked. I'm  not going to waste my time writing only not to get a reply back as after all we all have commitments.
Make my day irritates me sometimes when people plead to receive something. I use a random name picker so no amount of pleading will get you the item... why not just say make my day and if you want to comment/compliment the item then that's fine.
When you shop for food and people start piling a lot of the same items in because other people have shown interest, leaving none for others but when they walk away they start putting it back.
People that drive right up the backside of your car, its so tempting to suddenly brake but of course I won't as it means I'm left without a car.
What are some of your gripes?

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  1. Rude people piss me off no end people who push in well I use to stand by and say nothing but not as much anymore......I was here first wait your bloody turn......

    As for your make my day well if I would like something I say so if I am lucky enough to be chosen great if not then so be it........can't have everything......


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