Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Alice Peterson~Ten Years On~

Read: On Kindle
Paid: 99p
Reason I choose it: It had lots of great reviews so I decided to read it too.

Rebecca is happily married to Olly and content with her job at a glamorous London art gallery.  When tragedy strikes, she decides to move back to her childhood home in the country, hoping time will help her to heal. Joe, born in the same country town as Rebecca, had a falling out with her a decade earlier. Now he's the successful owner of a wine bar, Maison Joe, and is breaking local hearts by dating a striking actress, Peta. Rebecca finds living with her parents again a challenge. Nor is it easy to discover that Joe lives and works too close for comfort. When she sees him once more, memories rush back to haunt her, along with unanswered questions about the past. Why did they lose touch? What was Olly hiding? Can Rebecca answer those questions and move on?

My Opinion
This book I read on the day I went to Chester Zoo, I came home and had to complete it despite being so tired and having a banging headache. It switches between past and present events and is almost realistic in the way Rebecca has to deal with events that are thrown her way as well as her pussy footing family in not knowing how to deal with the situation she finds herself in. I say its almost realistic as Rebecca can talk to a dead person in her mind and gets answers to unanswered questions this way... a little weird but it didn't bother me at all.

You can't help but like the characters each and everyone of them.

My Rating
It was so well written that I

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